LTB 598/14 Update on National Talks

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General Secretary: Billy Hayes (

Letter to Branches





No: 598/14 Ref: 21003 26th September 2014



To: All Branches with Postal Members



Dear Colleague




Following the letter sent to the company on the 21st July, the Union has continued talks with Royal Mail on a Joint National Statement that would bring together in a balanced way the issues of growth, efficiency and incentive arrangements.


The current position is that whilst progress has been made on a structured growth plan, it is still proving difficult to finalise an agreed approach to efficiency and incentive arrangements, given the continuing impact of direct delivery competition in both letters and parcels.


As stated in LTB 594/14, next week we will be announcing a date for a National Briefing in October and we will be impressing upon the company the urgent need to conclude the aforementioned Joint Statement prior to the National Briefing. In the event that the issue of incentive arrangements remains unresolved by the time the Postal Executive meet on the 7th October, then we will be considering other ways to achieve our objectives and fulfil the commitments made in the Agenda for Growth, Stability and Long Term Success Agreement.


We are meeting Royal Mails senior management team next week and further information will follow in due course. Any enquiries on the above LTB should be directed to the DGS (P) Department.



Yours sincerely






Dave Ward                                                             

Deputy General Secretary (P)

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