As a result of the Trade Union Act 1984, to maintain a political fund, the union has to renew our political fund resolution every ten years. Our current resolution expires on 11 November 2014. Therefore, we have to renew our resolution and obtain authority from CWU members in England, Scotland and Wales to maintain a political fund. This entails carrying out an individual members ballot and achieving a majority yes vote. 

In the first place, the union has to agree the rules of the ballot and the timetable with the certification officer. We have been in contact with the trade Union certification officer (CO) and have achieved preliminary agreement of our proposed rules for the ballot. In addition, we have reached agreement with the CO on the timetable. The NEC has today, endorsed the proposed rules and the timetable.

The proposed rules, although being preliminary agreed with the CO, now have to be submitted for final approval. However, the proposed ballot rules are attached.

The timetable for the ballot is:

BALLOT OPENS – 6TH October 2014
BALLOT CLOSES – 28TH October 2014
Counting of ballot commences ​ – 29th October 2014

There will be substantial campaigning required to ensure that we secure the yes vote. CWU HQ has established a steering group to manage the campaign consisting of members of the Political Fund Management Committee, General Secretary, Head of Communications, Deputy General Secretaries and SDGS.

We will communicate further on the details of the campaign and how best to utilise all of our activists in working toward a Yes vote. We will be discussing regional and Branch campaigns, in the first instance, with Regional Secretaries.

However, a skeleton outline of the proposed campaign and timetable is attached. More details will follow and the campaign is likely to be preceded by a members poll to inform our communications.

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