National Briefing – 2nd September 2013

Dear Colleague

 The Union will be holding a National Briefing on the 2nd September 2013 to update Senior Representatives on privatisation and talks with the Company over Pay, Pensions, Legal Protections and the Company’s future strategy.

 The Briefing also coincides with a Special Parliamentary debate on Privatisation and we anticipate the Government may take this opportunity to set out further details on their plans.

 The CWU will be issuing an appropriate press release for this debate and the Union will be undertaking further activities to support our Campaign.  Details of these will be issued in due course.

 Attendance at this Briefing is for those Representatives who would normally attend such an event from Royal Mail, Post Office Limited, Parcelforce, ROMEC and Quadrant.  The venue will be at Central Hall, Storey’s Gate, Westminster, London SW1H 9NH and the Briefing will commence at 1pm and conclude no later than 3.30pm.  The Royal Mail Group had been advised of this Briefing and we expect the normal arrangements to apply. 

 Any enquiries on the above LTB should be addressed to the DGS (P) Department.

 Yours sincerely

 Dave Ward 

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