LTB 553/13: National Talks

Dear Colleague

 Royal Mail/CWU National Talks

 Further talks were held last week with Royal Mail on CWU key priorities including pay, pensions, legal protections and the company’s future strategy. 


 At the end of the talks the company tabled a new closed offer on pay.  Under the protocols of such an offer we are not expected to publicise the detail at this stage.  However, the offer represented such a marginal increase that it was immediately rejected and dismissed by the Union as nothing more than a futile tactical gesture.  When pressed the company confirmed this was not their final offer and that this would depend on progress in other areas. 

 The company are still insisting that pay is linked to their unacceptable pension proposal.  Furthermore, whilst both parties are taking a fresh look at how we can improve industrial and employee relations, elements of the company’s position are beginning to resemble a no strike deal.  The Union has made it clear that there is no prospect of CWU ever agreeing a no strike deal or their pension proposal.


 There has been no change in the company’s position.

 Legal Protections

 In response to the Union seeking legally binding protections for our members in the event of privatisation, the company have indicated they are prepared to reach an agreement on this, albeit there remain major differences between the parties over the content and longevity of these protections. 

The Company’s Future Strategy

 The company are saying they are prepared to reach an agreement on an agenda for growth and their parcels strategy.  However, the detail of this remains unclear.  The Union still has major concerns over what we see as a massive disconnect between relentless managerial budgets and the reality of daily workload pressures for CWU members.

 Next Steps

 The Union remains committed to reaching a negotiated settlement on all outstanding issues but we are now fast approaching the point where a National Industrial Action Ballot will need to be triggered.  In preparation for this, CWU Headquarters will shortly be sending out Branch Membership lists which will need to be checked and updated as a priority. 

Further talks are planned with the company and more information will follow in due course.  Please ensure the content of this LTB is provided to all CWU Representatives and circulated in all workplaces.

 Any enquiries on the above LTB should be addressed to the DGS (P) Dept.

 Yours sincerely

 Dave Ward                                                
Deputy General Secretary (P) 

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