Consultative Ballot

RE: Consultative Ballot – PE Local Arrangements

Ballot papers and relevant documents will be sent to reps or taken to DO’s by the Area Rep

Ballot papers will be given to Members in person by Local Reps (Area Reps where there is no Local Rep)

Members will sign to acknowledge receipt of their Ballot paper

Members on Long Term Sick/Annual Leave will have Ballot paper sent to their home address with a pre-paid return envelope.

Ballot papers will be enclosed in the envelope provided and returned or given to the Rep to send

Ballot papers will be sent to the Independent scrutineer – Popularis Limited.

There are 4 questions on the Ballot paper – we hope for you to vote YES to all

Do you oppose the privatisation of Royal Mail?
Do you support the boycott of competitors’ mail?
Do you support the CWU pay claim?
Do you support the policy of non cooperation with Royal Mail?

BALLOT OPENS: 22nd May 2013
BALLOT CLOSES: 18th June 2013
(results for each question will be announced separately)

If you have any enquires please do not hesitate to contact me.

Respectfully yours,

Carl Harper
Letter Section Secretary
Eastern 5 Branch
Peterborough Mail Centre

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