Greener Jobs Alliance (GJA) Newsletter No. 39 – July/August 2022

Greener Jobs Alliance (GJA) Newsletter No. 39 – July/August 2022:


The Greener Jobs Alliance was launched to promote skills training and job creation to meet the needs of Britain’s rapidly growing low carbon sectors and to green the whole economy. The transition to a low carbon and resource efficient economy can drive sustainable economic recovery and job creation in every part of the country as well as making existing jobs more secure. But this requires a more strategic national and local approach to deliver the workforce skills needed and to stimulate demand for clean energy and energy efficiency services.

The Greener Jobs Alliance liaises at a national and local level to build the broadest possible support for the policies, investment, partnerships and commitments needed to drive the transition to a low carbon economy.

The Greener Jobs Alliance liaises with training bodies, colleges, universities, employers, local and national Government, trade unions, housing associations, campaign and community groups – to build the policies, investment and partnerships needed to drive the transition to a low carbon economy.

The GJA runs a number of ‘free’ courses on the environment for Trade Union Reps in different parts of the UK which have been attended by a number of CWU Reps with details published in the newsletter.

The GJA came into existence as a result of funding from Battersea and Wandsworth TUC.

The founder GJA Secretary and Newsletter editor was Graham Petersen who is well known to the CWU and has a long standing working relationship with the Union. He is a former TUC tutor and course designer who created safety reps training courses and the successful TUC Occupational Health & Safety Diploma Course. He was the head of the Trade Union Studies Centre at South Thames College before retirement from the post and has been a visitor and guest speaker at CWU events and meetings. After 30 editions, Graham stood down at the GJA AGM last year and has handed over to Paul Atkin as newsletter editor and Tahir Latif as GJA Secretary. Graham remains a GJA Steering Group member and is now working part time for the Wales TUC having recently written a publication for them ‘Greener workplaces for a just transition – a Wales TUC toolkit for trade unionists’ which was circulated by the CWU Health, Safety and Environment Department.

In this edition Paul Atkin in his editorial argues that it’s more and more apparent that the labour and trade union movement has to step up, not just to get a voice in the green transition, but to try to make sure that we have one at all. This latest GJA Newsletter aims to be a tool to help activists do just that Paul states. Issue 39 has reports on models of transition bodies in local authorities in the North East and Oxford; and stresses the need for union involvement. The recent GJA Newsletter special edition “getting the union voice heard” provides activists with a set of questions for local authorities; which local unions can use to begin to get into the room – or even the zoom- where it happens. Paul urges TU’s to use this material in Unions and with others locally, and in trades councils to make a joint approach to LAs. The North East project looks like a good model for engaging and mobilising communities around transition that could be adopted elsewhere.

See attached copy of the GJA Newsletter No.39 for July/August 2022.

Contents GJA Newsletter 39:


  • Use this Newsletter
  • Tories go off the rails


  • TUC – Future proof our schools

Just Transition

  • Overcoming Just Transition barriers in the North East
  • Unions need consulting on climate policies
  • Offshore workers have the solutions for energy transition
  • It don’t have to be this way
  • A zero-carbon construction industry must be inclusive
  • Oxford Zero Carbon Partnership


  • ITUC Advocacy demands just out
  • TUC warns of Egyptian Government Greenwash

Union Conference Round Up

  • GJA at Glastonbury

Green Bites

  • Car Free July
  • STATS & graphic of the month

Quote of the Month:

“No progressive vision of society can be built on the fossil economy because the fossil economy is death”

(Gustavo Petro, Newly elected President of Columbia)


  • GJA-Newsletter-39-July/August 2022

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB315 Greener Jobs Alliance (GJA) Newsletter No. 39 – JulyAugust 2022


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Royal Mail Group Fleet – Air Conditioning

Royal Mail Group Fleet – Air Conditioning:

Air conditioning is a system within a vehicle that allows the driver to cool the interior air of the vehicle in hot weather, providing for a cooler and more comfortable environment for the driver and occupants.

Because the UK has had a temperate climate in the past, many fleet operators have thought that air-conditioning in their vans and trucks would be a rarely-used luxury and not worth any extra costs. But climate change and the recent very hot summers, including this week’s record-breaking heatwave reaching 40C/104F means the benefits of air conditioning are now generally accepted and appreciated.

The safety aspect of air conditioning is often overlooked but is very important. Air conditioning provides efficient cool air in the summer and in winter it can provide warm, dehumidified air – quickly helping demist steamed-up windows. Also the cleaner, fresher air (with lower humidity) can enhance driver awareness and help prevent drowsiness.

As well as filtering out pollutants and airborne particles, air conditioning keeps the atmosphere in the vehicle cleaner and can also help alleviate the seasonal symptoms of hay fever and not forgetting – air conditioning can provide a more pleasant and odour-free environment for both driver and passengers.

Discussions have taken place this week with Royal Mail Group Fleet regarding the air conditioning systems in the RMG Fleet and the present position is as follows:

  • All 17t vehicles and above, including MU’s, etc., have air conditioning fitted as standard.
  • All new electric vehicles have air conditioning fitted.
  • All older small diesel light commercial vehicles (vans) do not have air conditioning (there may be the odd exception).
  • All 7.5t distribution fleet vehicles do not have air conditioning (there may be the odd exception).

Royal Mail Fleet have agreed that the move to electric vehicles will now see air conditioning as standard on most of the small fleet and RMG Fleet will now amend the procurement specification to also include air conditioning in the standard specification when purchasing all vehicles, if it isn’t a standard specification on the models concerned.

RMG Fleet will amend the standard specification for all 7.5t distribution fleet vehicles to have air conditioning going forward.


  • Confirmation letter from Paul Fletcher Head of Fleet Engineering, Supply & Lifecycle dated 18 July 2022

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB314 Royal Mail Group Fleet – Air Conditioning

RMG Fleet – Air Con – 19.07.22

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Ofcom 2022 Review of Postal Regulation Statement

Ofcom 2022 Review of Postal Regulation Statement

On 18th July Ofcom published a statement setting out its decisions on the regulation of postal services from 2022 to 2027.  This follows a review process that began with an initial ‘Call for Inputs’ in March 2021 and then a consultation on Ofcom’s proposals in December 2021, as reported on under LTB 293/21 and LTB 542/21.   The CWU made a submission to each stage of Ofcom’s review, both of which can be found on the CWU’s website and on Ofcom’s website (links to these are included below).

The CWU Research Department has produced an initial summary and brief analysis of Ofcom’s statement, as set out below.

Statement summary

Ofcom’s statement says that broadly the current postal regulatory framework is working well, allowing the postal market to meet the needs of its users. Consequently, Ofcom has decided that a root-and-branch review of the framework is not necessary, and so it will continue the current approach.

Ofcom’s statement is in line with its proposals as reported on in December 2021 under LTB 542/21.   In brief, Ofcom has made the following decisions on the regulatory framework for post:

  • Maintain the current overall framework, including price caps on basic universal services and quality of service standards.
  • Introduce new targeted consumer protections, requiring parcel operators to have policies and procedures for the fair and appropriate treatment of disabled consumers. Ofcom will also issue new guidance for parcel operators on complaints handling.
  • Continue to ensure that Royal Mail has commercial flexibility so that it can meet the challenges of providing a financially sustainable universal service.
  • Require Royal Mail to provide Ofcom with a view of the financial sustainability of the universal service over a longer period than currently requirede. five years rather than the current three year period.
  • Require Royal Mail to provide and publish a five-year view of its efficiency expectations and reportagainst actual performance. This includes a high level overview of its efficiency ambitions and an insight into the expected operational efficiency of frontline staff.  Ofcom has decided that it would not be appropriate or proportionate to impose price controls or set efficiency targets for Royal Mail.
  • Provide a stable regulatory framework, to support investment by all postal operators and ensure Royal Mail competes on a level playing field. This includes not extending access regulation into the parcels market, and not requiring tracking in the Universal Service Obligation (USO), as Ofcom considers that doing so could be damaging to competition.

Main CWU concerns

Labour standards in parcels

It is very disappointing that Ofcom has not proposed any measures in response to the CWU’s call for regulation to address the exploitation of workers in the unregulated parcels sector.  We argued that Ofcom has a role to play in this given the connection between employment standards and service quality.  We said that Ofcom should start by levelling the playing field on mail integrity and consumer protection, whilst also pushing for more powers and duties on labour standards.

Ofcom’s statement says “In response to CWU’s comment concerning the employment models of parcel operators,Ofcom does not regulate parcel operators’ employment models, and this extends to Royal Mail also. We note that CWU would like Ofcom to push for more powers from the Government to regulate parcel operators in order to improve quality of service and protect parcel workers.”

Whilst Ofcom notes the CWU’s point on pushing for more powers in this area, they make no further comment on this and there is no commitment to take this forward.

Consumer protection in parcels

It is a concern that Ofcom has decided not to extend mail integrity requirements to all parcel operators other than Royal Mail, which the CWU argued would help to improve quality of service standards. It is also disappointing that Ofcom has only decided to issue guidance for parcel operators other than Royal Mail on complaints handling, as opposed to new rules.  The CWU said that voluntary guidance is not sufficient and that rules are needed for all operators to ensure that customer complaints are handled effectively and to provide proper redress for customers when things go wrong.  In addition, whilst Ofcom will introduce a new condition for parcel operators to have policies in place for consumers with a disability, unfortunately it will not set minimum requirements on this as called for by the CWU.

Tracking on universal service products

It is disappointing that Ofcom has decided not to allow Royal Mail to offer tracking on universal service products.  Ofcom has concluded that extending regulation to include tracking on First and Second Class USO parcel services could harm the further development of competition in the C2X (Consumer to Anywhere) segment.  However, as the CWU and Royal Mail have argued, the C2X market is already highly competitive.

Royal Mail has released a statement on Ofcom’s decision on this issue, saying that tracking should be a feature of a modern postal Universal Service in 2022, and urging Ofcom to reconsider its decision.

Welcome decisions 

 Although there are some clear areas of concern for the CWU, Ofcom has also made some decisions we can welcome, including:

  • Not to reintroduce price controls or binding efficiency targets on Royal Mail, which we argued would threaten the future financial sustainability of the USO.
  • Not to extend access regulation to small parcels or other bulk letter services (e.g. business reply mail), which we argued would adversely impact Royal Mail’s revenues and the security of the universal service.
  • To maintain the requirements on Royal Mail to provide USO services for parcels weighing up to 20kgwhich we said is important in meeting the needs of citizens and consumers.

We will be doing some further analysis on Ofcom’s statement to help inform our next steps in making representations to Ofcom and influencing postal regulation in the interests of our members.

Ofcom’s Review of Postal Regulation Statement, consultation documents and all stakeholder responses, including the CWU’s responses, can be found here:

The CWU’s submissions to Ofcom’s review can also be found in the Reps Resources area of the CWU website here:

Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the GS Department.

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward                                                              Terry Pullinger
General Secretary                                              Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

22LTB316 Ofcom Postal Review Statement July 2022

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The CWU have today served notice on Royal Mail Group for a second national ballot on change 20/7/22

We have today served notice on Royal Mail Group for a second national ballot on change. Papers will land from next Thursday. That means we have one week to meet every member.

This is a challenge like no other but if any union can do it then it’s us.




Press coverage on the ballot 20/7/22

Some of the press coverage on the ballot result to share








Royal Mail response to ballot results as inflation hits a 40 year high

Royal Mail response

Message from Ricky McAulay – CWU Announces Ballot Result

Today the CWU informed us of the result of their ballot, and we are disappointed the vote was in favour of strike action.

The business is at a crossroads. Now is not the right time for the uncertainty and damage that industrial action would bring. Now is the time to agree on a deal that includes the changes we need to set us up for tomorrow, not just today.

Operations Development Director Ricky McAulay has an important message for colleagues, following the result of the CWU’s ballot:

‘Today the CWU informed us of the result of their ballot, and we are disappointed the vote was in favour of strike action.

We offered a deal worth up to 5.5% for CWU grade colleagues, the biggest increase we have offered for many years, which the CWU rejected. We can only fund this offer by making the changes that will pay for it and ensure Royal Mail can grow and remain competitive in a fast-moving industry.

Despite nearly three months of talks, the CWU have not engaged in any meaningful discussion on the changes we need to make to adapt. Ensuring we can change, at pace, is the route to protecting well-paid, permanent, jobs long term and retain our place as the industry leader on pay and terms and conditions.

That is in the interest of Royal Mail and all its employees.

We have asked CWU for further talks, and are hopeful that continuing our talks on change will lead to an agreement that avoids detrimental industrial action.

Industrial action on this scale will be incredibly damaging for Royal Mail.

The business is at a crossroads. We are operating in a challenging business environment with high inflation, supply chain disruption and changing customer preferences. We have to change, and change now.

Now is not the right time for the uncertainty industrial action will bring. Now is the time to agree on a deal that includes the changes we need to set us up for tomorrow, not just today.

We remain committed to working with the CWU to grow this great business and ensure long term job security for us all.’

2022 Dispute Relating to CWU Pay Claim for CWU Represented Grades Employed by Royal Mail Group Consisting of Royal Mail, Parcelforce and Fleet

2022 Dispute Relating to CWU Pay Claim for CWU Represented Grades Employed by Royal Mail Group Consisting of Royal Mail, Parcelforce and Fleet

Please find attached a copy of the declaration of the result for the recent industrial action ballot of the above CWU members employed by Royal Mail Group.

The current legislation requires the union to provide all persons entitled to vote in the ballot and the relevant employers “as soon as is reasonably practicable” after holding of the ballot the following information:

  1. The number of individuals who were entitled to vote in the ballot.
  2. The number of votes cast in the ballot.
  3. The number of individuals answering “Yes” to the question, or as the case may be, to each question.
  4. The number of individuals answering “No” to the question, or as the case may be, to each question.
  5. The number of spoiled or otherwise invalid voting papers returned.
  6. Whether or not the number of votes cast in the ballot is at least 50% of the number of individuals who were entitled to vote in the ballot.

Therefore the ballot result meets the required threshold.

Accordingly you must now take immediate steps to publicise the result to all relevant members, however it is essential that any communications regarding the result must as a minimum contain the information as detailed at items a) to f) inclusively above.

Branches are also reminded that only the National Executive Council has the authority to instruct members to take industrial action.

Further information regarding the next steps of the dispute will be circulated by the DGS (Postal) in due course.

Any enquiries regarding this Letter to Branches should be addressed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary’s Department on telephone number 020 8971 7237, or email address

Yours sincerely,Terry PullingerTony KearnsDave WardDeputy General Secretary Postal            Senior Deputy General SecretaryGeneral Secretary



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Re: Severe Heat Red Weather Warning – RMP&FS Workforce

Re: Severe Heat Red Weather Warning – RMP&FS Workforce:

This is a further update to LTBs 311/22, 310/22, 308/22, 306/22, 305/22 226/22 and 213/22.

Over the weekend and earlier this morning discussions have taken place with the RMG Interim Global Safety Director and RMP&FS senior Directors and Managers regarding the impact of the Met Office Red Warning hot weather alert on the RMP&FS workforce and services provided by RMP&FS across Royal Mail Group.

Further to the communication issued yesterday, Sunday 17 July 2022, an additional communication Was issued earlier today with the following key points communicated to all RMP&FS workers:-

  • A Met Office red weather warning indicates that ‘dangerous weather is expected’ and that workers should take action to keep themselves and others safe from its impact.
  • RMP&FS puts the safety of their people first and the Health and Safety team has been working in consultation with the CWU on a risk assessment that takes into account the Met Office advice.
  • For any geographical area that has a Red weather warning, the Met Office website should be checked and during the time that the hourly temperature indicates Red (35 degrees C or above) all outdoor operational activity must be suspended. 
  • For an Amber warning, suspension decisions should be reviewed and decided upon locally through the PFSL Risk Assessment
  • For those areas impacted by weather warnings, once the temperature reaches 35 degrees C or above(forecasted 1pm) employees must stop work immediately and contact their line manager.
  • Employees  should ensure they have plenty of water with them when travelling, these costs can be reimbursed via business expenses 
  • If outdoors, employees should ensure they apply a high factor sunscreen at regular intervals during the day, cover up and wear a wide-brimmed hat
  • The Met Office weather warnings will be monitored every hour during the day via Met Office Website (Weather and climate change – Met Office) and any updates will be communicated 
  • All RMP&FS workers should return to their office if at any time they feel unwell due to the heat and intense sunlight.

See attached:

RMG/RMPFS Managers Red Weather Warning Update Communication dated 17 July 2022 and additional communication dated 18 July 2022 – issued by Stuart Davies Director of Property & Facilities Solutions Ltd (PFSL) and Phil Graham RMG Interim Safety Director

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
CWU National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB312 Severe Heat Red Weather Warning RMPFS Workforce

RMPFS – Red Weather Warning Communication Update Communication(V2)

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CWU press conference to announce the result of the strike ballot in Royal Mail Group at approx. 4pm today. 19/7/22

As you will be aware, we will be holding a press conference to announce the result of the strike ballot in Royal Mail Group at approx. 4pm today.

We will stream the result live on the CWU Facebook, YouTube and Twitter channels.

The session can be viewed by simply going to the national accounts above at 4pm or via the direct links below:



Please get this information out to every member.

See you all at 4!

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