National Youth Educational Event 2016 – Advance Planning Notice 

National Youth Educational Event 2016 – Advance Planning Notice 
This is to advise Branches the National Youth Educational Event (NYEE) 2016 is scheduled to take place in Sheffield over the weekend of 14/16 October 2016. Branches are asked to take steps now in order to ensure healthy attendance by young activists.
It would be appreciated if this LTB could be circulated to young activists in your Branch with a request for anyone interested to register their interest. The final cost for the event is still being assessed but it will be capped at £250 per participant – this covers the cost of two nights’ accommodation, and all meals plus as much tea and coffee as anyone can reasonably drink. The price has remained broadly constant for nearly 10 years now.  
Branches are asked to make an in-principle decision now that there will be some participation at NYEE 2016. An application form for branches/participants to complete and send back to Jo Thair in my office ( 
When suitable prospective participants have been identified, senior branches officers are asked to work with those young activists to ensure that they can be released for the weekend in question. Notice should be given to those responsible for resource planning in any young activist’s work unit even at this early stage (in fact the earlier the notification is given, the more helpful it is). 
If necessary, young activists should be encouraged to book annual leave for one or both of the days in order to secure their participation (whilst not ideal or first preference, the key requirement here is to do all we can to guarantee release for the weekend – the format of that release is something that we can revisit at a later date).  
Problems with release was the major obstacle to participation in last year’s NYEE. The view from CWU Headquarters is that timing is a crucial component of the debate. After all, employers do schedule resource some months in advance when it comes to, for example, annual leave. Making sure that the needs of our young activists are fed into the process at this early stage is therefore helpful, necessary and appropriate.  
In parallel with this LTB, branches, youth officers and new activists will also be encouraged to approach Branch Secretaries to register their interest for NYEE 2016. 
Branches are thanked in anticipation of their assistance in ensuring the CWU’s premier youth event is the best attended and the most successful ever! 
A description of the event can be found on the youth website and a short film of a previous NYEE is also available to watch on the CWU Youth homepage. 
Any queries on this should be addressed to my office at CWU Headquarters. 
Yours sincerely,
Simon Sapper

Assistant Secretary
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LTB 110/16 – National Youth Educational Event 2016 – Advance Planning Notice

NYEE 2016 Application Form

British Heart Foundation’s ‘Heart Month’ 2016:

British Heart Foundation’s ‘Heart Month’ 2016:
This month is British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) ‘Heart Month’.
For this year’s ‘Heart Month’ the BHF are encouraging everyone to make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle.
Keeping your heart healthy, whatever your age, is the most important thing people can do to help prevent and manage heart disease.
Some facts:-
• Cardiovascular (heart and circulatory) disease causes more than a quarter (27 per cent) of all deaths in the UK.
• Coronary Heart and Circulatory disease causes one death every three minutes in the UK.
• Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the UK’s single biggest killer.
• It is also the leading cause of death worldwide.
• One in seven men die from coronary heart disease (CHD) in the UK.
• One in ten women die from coronary heart disease (CHD) in the UK.
• Coronary heart disease (CHD) kills twice as many women as breast cancer.


The good news is by looking after your heart people can reduce the risks of harm. By making one small change each day to your lifestyle this can make a big change to your health. Whether that’s by;
• doing half an hour of exercise (the kind that gets you out of breath), 

• watching your portion size when you eat, 

• quitting smoking, 

• drinking less alcohol or 

• taking some time out to look after your mental wellbeing.
All of these can reduce the risks of not only heart disease but lots of other illnesses, and they can make people feel well! 


For more information on looking after your heart take a look at the British Heart Foundation website at:
Royal Mail workers can sign up to ‘Feeling First Class’ at: (register with FFC1) and individuals can set some lifestyle goals.
BT workers can go to: The ‘Work Fit’ website at: to get information on the Fit For Life campaign. Work Fit – Fit for Life promotes healthier living styles and what changes people can do to lower their risk of ill health.
• Time to get moving booklet

• Get active stay active booklet

• Time to get moving chart
Yours sincerely



Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer
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· LTB 107/16 British Heart Foundation’s ‘Heart Month’ 2016
· Get Active Stay Active
· Time to Get Moving Booklet
· Time to Get Moving Chart



Further to LTB 057/15 dated 29th January 2016. At the close of nominations the following had been received:
Postal Constituency
1 NEC Member – No Nominations Received
Lay Members (2 Members – minimum 1 woman)
Mark Williams – South West Wales Amal *ELECTED
Nominated By: South West Wales Amal
Telecom & Financial Services Constituency
1 NEC Member     
Karen Rose – South Wales *ELECTED
Nominated By: South Wales   
Lay Members (2 Members – minimum 1 woman)
Graham Colk – South Wales *ELECTED
Nominated By: South Wales
Angie Prangell – South Wales *ELECTED
Nominated By: South Wales
Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary’s Department on telephone number 020 8971 7237 or email address
Yours sincerely
Tony Kearns
Senior Deputy General Secretary
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LTB 100/16 – Election of National Delegations – Wales TUC Conference 2016



Further to LTB 056/15 dated 29th January 2016. At the close of nominations the following had been received:
Postal Constituency    
1 NEC Member – No Nominations Received
Lay Members (3 Members – minimum 1 woman)
John Arthur Meehan – Glasgow District Amal *ELECTED
Nominated by Glasgow District Amal
Ronnie Pollock – Scotland No 2 *ELECTED          
Nominated by Scotland No 2
Telecom & Financial Services Constituency
1 NEC Member – No Nominations Received
Lay Members (3 Members – minimum 1 woman)
Craig Anderson – Scotland No 1 *ELECTED
Nominated by Scotland No 1
Pauline Rourke – Edinburgh Dundee & Borders *ELECTED
Nominated by Edinburgh Dundee & Borders
Joyce Stevenson – Scotland No 1 *ELECTED
Nominated by Scotland No 1
Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary’s Department on telephone number 020 8971 7237 or email address
Yours sincerely
Tony Kearns
Senior Deputy General Secretary
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LTB 099/16 – Election of National Delegations – STUC Conference 2016

Elections 5th May 2016

Elections 5th May 2016
The following elections are due to take place on the above mentioned date in 2016.
There will be Devolved Government elections consisting of Parliamentary in Scotland and Assembly elections in Wales and N. Ireland.
There will also be Police and Crime Commissioners elections in England and Wales involving 41 Police Force Areas, (London is not included).
Mayoral Elections will take place in London, Bristol, Liverpool and Salford.
There will also be 126 Local Government Elections in England.
All of the above elections are covered by the National Agreement covering the delivery of election material.
To be clear as it became an issue in the previous elections those delivery units involved in the delivery of Poll Cards for the upcoming Police & Crime Commissioner Elections will be paid at the rate per item applicable to the delivery unit, in line with the National Agreement covering the delivery of election material.
Further information involving those elections listed above are included with this LTB and for clarification purposes ‘Candidate Mail’ is defined as
“A free election communication which can be addressed or unaddressed items for a candidate/party in a parliamentary by-election or general election. There is also candidate mail for the European and Devolved Government elections (including in 2016 the elections to the Scottish Parliament and the Assemblies for Wales and Northern Ireland).
Candidate mailings are free to candidates in these elections and are paid for by the Cabinet Office. The mail pieces must comply with the requirements in the candidate mail guide.”
We are currently awaiting the first iteration of the Mailing Diary from Royal Mail and this will be forwarded via LTB once it is received.
Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 535.09
Email address:
Yours sincerely
Bob Gibson                                                              
CWU Assistant Secretary
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LTB 095/16 Elections 5th May 2016

Attachment 1: Local Authority Alignment 12 02 16 V5

Attachment 2: CWU Update – Elections 2016 – 28 01 16V2

Missing People Charity

Missing People Charity
Branches will be aware of the above mentioned charity which is supported by the CWU, and the invaluable involvement of Vinnie Micallef CWU Delivery Representative in East London who conceived the idea of sending messages via PDA’s to help in locating missing people.
As a follow on to this important initiative there is now a national campaign asking members of the public to sign up to receive Child Rescue Alerts on their mobile phones.
Child Rescue Alerts are activated when a child has gone missing and police believe their life is in imminent danger. Currently more than 350,000 people are registered to receive the alerts, which are issued by the charity Missing People at the request of the police. Just four Child Rescue Alerts have been issued in the UK, most recently in March last year. The new campaign, fronted by TV personality and Missing People patron Stephen Fry, aims to encourage more people and businesses to sign up.
Stephen Fry said: ‘I believe that Child Rescue Alerts should be a national institution – something for everyone to find out about and sign up for.’
Missing People partnership
Royal Mail already distributes ‘high risk’ alerts, including Child Rescue Alerts, to postmen and women via PDA’s, and since the partnership with Missing People began in 2014, 63 alerts have been issued and 41 people found. To mark the first anniversary of the partnership Royal Mail has contributed £50,000 to fund the Child Rescue Alert system in 2016.
Royal Mail is connected to every community in the UK, placing them and our members in a unique position to support Missing People and Child Rescue Alerts. The CWU and Royal Mail are united in encouraging as many as possible to sign up to this worthwhile cause, using their own phones, and to also encourage family and friends to do the same. It follows that the more people who are made aware that a child is missing, the better the chances of finding them safe and well.’
How to sign up
There are two ways to sign up to receive a Child Rescue Alert:
To sign up for free click on the following link

Text HERO and your postcode to 85080. (Text to register costs your standard network text message rate)

Starting from the 15th Feb for a fortnight the charity Missing People will be running a Child Rescue alert campaign. This is to encourage people to sign up to receive child rescue alerts on their personal mobile. Their aim is to have a million people signed up by the end of the campaign. Anyone who does sign up will only ever get child rescue alerts of which we would hope there are no more the 3-5 a year.
To support this campaign Royal Mail will be placing a postmark on mail in the second week and running at least 4 internal comms stories asking employees/members to sign up and to encourage friends and family to do the same. I am sure you will all agree this is an initiative worth supporting and something that makes Royal Mail and our members different to anyone else in the postal industry and supports Stephen Fry’s message that it should be a national institution what better way to get started than by having it delivered by a national institution.
Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference: 540
Email address:
Yours sincerely
Bob Gibson
CWU Assistant Secretary
Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 093/16 Missing People

The Future for Royal Mail/Pay and Pensions – National Policy ForumTuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd March 2016

The Future for Royal Mail/Pay and Pensions – National Policy ForumTuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd March 2016


Further to the notification given at the recent National Briefing on the 3rd February 2016 and in line with the terms of Motion 96 carried at Annual Conference 2015, Branches are advised that arrangements have been made to hold a National Policy Forum at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Broadway Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1P 3EE.


The first day of the Policy Forum will commence at 1pm on Tuesday 22nd March 2016 and finish at 6pm. Day two of the Policy Forum will begin at 9.30am and conclude at 3pm on Wednesday, 23rd March 2016. Below is a list of Representatives invited to attend the Policy Forum:-


➢ One Branch Representative

➢ Divisional Representatives

➢ Regional Secretaries

➢ Divisional Technical Services Representatives

➢ Parcelforce Regional Organisers

➢ All Royal Mail Area Representatives (Delivery, Processing, Distribution, Admin, and Engineers)

➢ Multichannel Customer Experience Representatives

➢ Fleet and Maintenance Service Territorial Representatives

➢ Romec Regional Representatives

➢ Romec Engineering Representatives


Branches should note that in line with our proportionality requirements it is requested that, in addition to the above, each Branch should send two unit Reps to the Briefing, one of which must be a woman.


Travel and subsistence costs associated with attendance at the Forum will be in line with the instructions and advice issued in LTB 506/04.

Finally, Branches should also note that a more detailed LTB will be issued in due course including the Policy document, policy recommendations, timescales, registration and voting procedures, Policy Forum guidelines and amendment examples.

Yours sincerely,

Ray Ellis​​​​​​    Jane Loftus

Acting Deputy General Secretary  (P)​​Chair, Postal Executive

In The Mind’ – BBC Programming Announces Two-Week Season on Exploring Mental Health Issues, Commencing Monday 15 February 2016:

In The Mind’ – BBC Programming Announces Two-Week Season on Exploring Mental Health Issues, Commencing Monday 15 February 2016:
Mental health is fast becoming one of the great issues of our time with growing numbers of people in the UK seeking help.
BBC One has announced that it will dedicate two weeks of their TV schedule to explore this important subject in closer detail across a range of programming from news and drama to documentaries and features.
Starting on Monday 15 February, the season will include stories of life and death, hope, scientific discovery and much more to help raise public awareness and understanding of issues relating to mental health.
BBC Statement:
In a statement announcing the two week season, the BBC said that it is aiming to make a real contribution to the understanding of mental health in the UK. It’s an opportunity to do something special for the BBC audience with an issue which will almost certainly touch all of us at some point in our lives. The BBC added that this is a moment when we stop and reflect on one of the big issues of our time, one that touches all of us. The BBC will report and examine – with all the BBC’s expertise, insight and understanding – on what’s really happening in mental health. It’s ten years on since Stephen Fry’s Emmy-award-winning film about manic depression and it’s now the right time to bring this important subject to a mainstream audience on BBC One to find out what has changed, what progress has been made and what the future holds for people living with mental health conditions in the UK. Over the last decade, we’ve broken down taboos, and medical advances mean we have a greater understanding of the brain than ever before, but we’re not there yet. There is still so much more that needs to be done.
BBC One’s ‘In The Mind’ season will include the following content:
BBC News at Six and News at Ten:
BBC News will broadcast a series of special reports on subjects including neuroscience, the NHS, ECT, lifesaving charities, changing social attitudes and mental health in the black community. Full details are:-
Neuroscience – Fergus Walsh will report on how our understanding of the brain is changing fast – in a technological revolution which is sweeping through neuroscience and heralding the ‘decade of the brain’.

NHS – Hugh Pym will report on the funding of mental health services across the UK, asking whether the NHS serves the mental health requirements of the UK with services under intense financial pressure.

Changing social attitudes – young vloggers and bloggers who are sufferers of mental illness are battering down the doors of stigma around mental health. They will be speaking in their own words about changing attitudes to mental health.

Lifesaving charities – Jeremy Cooke will report on the work of one man who aims to prevent people from taking their own lives.

Mental health and the black community – Elaine Dunkley will report on the latest research on mental health issues in the black community.

ECT – Chris Buckler will be looking at the continued use of electroconvulsive therapy in Northern Ireland to tackle mental health problems.

BBC Breakfast, Victoria Derbyshire, Newsbeat and BBC Radio 5 live:
In addition, there will be further mental health stories and items across a range of BBC programming, including: BBC Breakfast, Victoria Derbyshire, Newsbeat and BBC Radio 5 live. BBC online news will have a special report page dedicated to mental health.
BBC One Documentaries:
A series of powerful BBC One documentaries will give insight to living with extreme forms of mental illness. Ten years since Stephen Fry’s ‘The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive’ started a national conversation about mental health, ‘The Not So Secret
Life of The Manic Depressive: 10 Years On’ looks at the experiences of Stephen and others living with bipolar now, on Monday 15 February at 9pm. ‘My Baby, Psychosis And Me’ is an intimate documentary that tells the real life stories of two mums, for whom childbirth triggers ‘Postpartum Psychosis’, one of the most severe forms of mental illness. The documentary reveals the frightening rollercoaster journey of both women as they embark on treatment hoping it might bring about a full recovery, Tuesday 16 February at 10.45pm. BBC One will also be showing the documentary ‘Life after Suicide’ on Wednesday 17 February at 10.45pm and ‘Professor Green: Suicide and Me’ on Thursday 18 February at 11.45pm.
The Not So Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive: 10 Years On – BBC One, Monday 15 February, 9pm
Ten years ago, in an award-winning series, Stephen Fry first spoke about living with manic depression, and began a national conversation about mental health. A decade later, the film returns to the subject to understand where he and thousands of others diagnosed with bipolar (as it is now called) are now – as a society, do we need to do more for those with the illness? Is the treatment better? Has the stigma reduced? The new film sees how different people of all ages deal with bipolar. It features Alika, whose manic episode on the London Underground became a YouTube sensation, damning evidence that the stigma of mental illness isn’t diminishing quickly enough; the film watches Scott, a chef, battling to hold down a job and his role as a husband and father, whose first attempts to control his bipolar with medication resulted in the intolerable side-effects which these drugs often bring, but who is willing to try again to save his job and more importantly, his marriage; and Rachel, whose first manic episode at age 19 led to life-changing injuries when she believed she could fly, leaving her in a wheelchair, as well as with a diagnosis of bipolar, neither of which will she let defeat her. And the film returns to meet Cordelia, who featured in the original series, an academic high-achiever who, with the support of her family, was struggling to find a place for herself in the world. Ten years on, now in her thirties, Cordelia is still battling with bipolar, which is such a dominant force in her life that for her it eclipses even the terminal cancer she is now dying from. Interviews with Stephen Fry give an insight into the roller-coaster journey of what living with bipolar really means – he talks about his suicide attempt while filming in Uganda in 2012; how his busy lifestyle exacerbates his condition, and his realisation that his condition can’t be cured but only managed. Stephen is now the president of Mental Health Charity ‘MIND’. Looking at the changes of the past decade, he finds optimism in the increased awareness of bipolar, especially among the young. The film gives a powerful insight into living with bipolar – past, present and most significantly, future.
My Baby, Psychosis And Me – BBC One, Tuesday 16 February at 10.45pm
My Baby, Psychosis And Me reveals the frightening roller-coaster journey of two mums for whom childbirth triggers ‘Postpartum Psychosis’, one of the most severe forms of mental illness but from which there can be recovery with the right treatment. It is a
condition most expectant mothers and their families have never heard of. But around one in every 500 births can lead to the sudden onset of a psychotic episode. New mothers are overwhelmed by extreme low or high moods, strange and dangerous thoughts, paranoia, delusions such as the belief that they have given birth to Jesus or the Devil. This is the untold story of what it means to battle this terrifying condition. Filmed over six months, the film closely follows the intense experiences of two women, Jenny and Hannah, and their families, as they are cared for at Winchester’s Mother And Baby Unit. Behind the closed doors of this specialist psychiatric ward, Dr Alain Gregoire and his expert team give women the care and intensive treatment needed to bring them back to recovery. While psychosis is the most severe form of mental distress psychiatrists see, with the right medication and psychological support, most women can return home within six weeks. And round-the-clock support with childcare enables mums and their babies to stay together, rather than face a damaging separation. From the bedroom to the nursery, the hospital theatre to the psychiatrist’s chair – the film watches the most personal moments of motherhood and mental illness play out for Jenny and Hannah, as Dr Gregoire and his team face two of the most challenging cases they’ve experienced. But in one respect, Jenny and Hannah are fortunate, they have access to the expert treatment they desperately need. With a severe shortage of specialist psychiatric care for mums-to-be and new mothers, it’s a postcode lottery whether women get the expert help they urgently need.
Life After Suicide – BBC One, Wednesday 17 February at 10.45pm
Eleven years ago, Angela Samata was an ordinary mother of two living in Birkenhead. Then her partner Mark took his own life. In this film, Angela goes on a journey around Britain to meet others who’ve suffered a similar loss and explores why, when suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 in the UK, we are still so afraid of talking about it. Some of the people she meets, like the actor David Robb who plays Dr Clarkson in Downton Abbey, are well known; others, like one family from Somerset, are not, and are speaking about their loss for the first time. In this brave and very moving documentary, Angela asks the questions that haunt those bereaved by suicide: why do some people choose to take their own lives and how do those that love them ever come to terms with that loss?
Professor Green: Suicide And Me – BBC One, Thursday 18 February at 11.45pm
Male suicide has been called a silent epidemic, with the latest UK figures revealing that suicide accounts for nearly 5,000 male deaths a year, around four times that of suicide in women. In this thought-provoking documentary, UK rapper Professor Green takes an intensely personal journey to uncover the truth behind the suicide of his father – and why suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 in Britain.
The One Show on Monday 15 February
Lacey Turner and Dominic Treadwell-Collins (Executive Producer of EastEnders) will be guests on the sofa discussing the role popular dramas like EastEnders can play in raising awareness around mental health issues, and what work and research they do behind the camera with organisations like ‘MIND’ to ensure accurate portrayals.
Inside Out on Monday 15 February
The ‘Inside Out’ regions will cover mental health issues with their own individual films as part of the season. Covering a range of subjects, including how vulnerable teenagers suffering from mental health problems are falling through the cracks between childhood and adulthood mental health services; investigating how A&E has become the new front line in dealing with people in mental health crisis; suicide rates, mental health support for transgender people; carers looking after family members in poor mental health; police and mental health services.
‘EastEnders’ – postpartum psychosis storyline
As part of BBC One’s ‘In The Mind season’, Stacey Branning (Lacey Turner) was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2009, and although postpartum psychosis can affect a woman without pre-existing mental health issues, it is more likely to affect a mother who has bipolar disorder. In recent weeks, Martin, Stacey’s boyfriend, managed to get Stacey to hospital, where she was eventually sectioned. Now with Stacey in hospital, Martin struggles as he desperately tries to find space in an MBU (Mother and Baby Unit) so Stacey can be reunited with her son, Arthur, while carrying on with the treatment she desperately needs. However, over the course of this week, Stacey’s story intensifies and viewers will see her make a life-changing decision that hugely concerns Martin. ‘EastEnders’ has been working alongside ‘MIND’ and ‘Bipolar UK’ and other experts in the field to highlight ‘postpartum psychosis’, an illness that can affect women just after giving birth.
Yours sincerely
Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer
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· LTB 082/16 ‘In The Mind’ – BBC Programming Announces Two-Week Season on Exploring Mental Health Issues, Commencing Monday 15 February 2016

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