Royal Mail/Dimensions Uniform ‘Roadshow’ Workplace Visits – May to November 2019

Royal Mail/Dimensions Uniform ‘Roadshow’ Workplace Visits – May to November 2019


Dear Colleagues,

Further to LTB 012/19, dated the 10th of January, Branches are advised of the next planned Uniform Roadshow events due to be held by Royal Mail and their uniform supplier Dimensions.

From May to November the following workplace locations will be visited (noting that this may be subject to some short notice alterations):

Coventry South DO – 14th May (07:00am-10:00am)

Gatwick Mail Centre – 21st May (19:00pm-23:00pm)

Peterborough Mail Centre – 30th May (19:00pm-23:00pm)

King’s Lynn DO – 11th June (07:00am-10:00am)

Burnley DO – 18th June (07:00am-10:00am)

Warrington Mail Centre – 18th June (19:00pm-23:00pm)

Colchester DO – 9th July (07:00am-10:00am)

Southend MPU/DO – 10th July (07:00am-10:00am)

Dundee East DO – 13th August (07:00am-10:00am)

Perth Distribution Centre – 13th August (11:00am-02:00pm)

Perth DO – 14th August (07:00am-10:00am)

Glasgow Mail Centre – 15th October (19:00pm-23:00pm)

Scottish Distribution Centre – 16th October (19:00pm-23:00pm)

Edinburgh Mail Centre – 12th November (19:00pm-23:00pm)

Edinburgh Airport – 13th November (19:00-23:00pm)


These Roadshow events have proven to be very successful and largely welcomed by members since they started last year and in addition to offering details on the current uniform range and addressing particular individual questions and enquires, they also aim to give members more information such issues as ‘how to self-order uniform’, ‘how to return unwanted items’ and the ‘process to follow for orders which are over the individuals members uniform allocation’.

In setting out this further list of workplace visits, it can be confirmed that a number of the above listed Offices have been nominated by CWU Branches and Royal Mail have confirmed that further consideration will be given to any additional visit request made up to November. Therefore, if Branches wish to request a Uniform Roadshow visit for a particular workplace, they are invited to do so by writing into the Outdoor Department.


Whilst the details of this LTB are self-explanatory, any enquires or requests for

Uniform Roadshow visits to a workplace, should be directed to the Outdoor Department, reference 500, email address:


Yours sincerely,


Mark Baulch              

CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 246.19 – Royal Mail Dimensions Uniform ‘Roadshow’ Workplace Visits – May to November 2019

Postal Department Industrial Training

Postal Department Industrial Training

Branches will be aware that since the formation of the Postal Department’s Education and Training Sub-Group in 2015, we have been working to develop tailored Industrial Training. A key part of the strategy has been to compose industrial courses that can be delivered on demand and at pace by activists that have a working knowledge of the subject matter that is being taught.

Following the carriage of Composite Motion 9 at the Postal Conference last year, we circulated LTB 344/18 to request from Branches the names of potential tutors who met the criteria above and were keen to use their experience to provide industrial training in the field.

Three cycles of Train the Trainer events have been held so far with the first series commencing in October 2018 and the most recent taking place last week. During these events, Representatives have been trained to deliver Industrial Relations, Conduct Code, Attendance Procedure and Delivery Resourcing training. I am now pleased to announce that a total of 88 Representatives have been trained on one or more of these four Industrial Training programmes and will now be able to deliver this tuition as requested.

Attached to this LTB is a list of those that have received training in the aforementioned industrial courses, along with the Branch they are from. This list is based on the information received from the Education and Training Department and has been supplemented by the names of those who attended the most recent events. These Representatives are now ready to deliver the courses they are listed under and should be contacted by Branches within their locality that require such training.

The trainers must then contact Hayley Nutley in the DGS(P) Department at CWU Headquarters to register the course and ask for the relevant training materials to be sent to the appropriate location. Please give at least two weeks’ notice ahead of the tuition being held.

The trainers will be able to download the tutor’s resources from Left Click or by contacting Simon Massen at

This approach will enable Branches and Divisions to liaise and ensure that Industrial Training is prioritised in each area according to demand and using trainers from a close geographical radius.

In relation to Processing and Logistics, initial training was held but is currently being reviewed departmentally due to the feedback that was received.

The development and review of these Industrial Relations training courses has been a significant piece of work but will prove to be an important part of our overall strategy to guarantee that local Representatives have the tools to ensure we continue to remain a strong industrial based Union.

Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Pullinger
Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

19LTB245 Postal Department Industrial Training

Attachment 1 – Training Attendees



In October 2017 the Cabinet Office announced it had awarded the contract for the administration of the Royal Mail Statutory Pension Scheme (RMSPS) to Capita. Royal Mail Representatives have recently been provided with an update on this matter at the Unit Reps briefings which took place in March and earlier this week in London.


On 30th September 2018, the following work transferred to Capita:

• The calculation and payment of all pension benefits for those ex-employees and their dependants whose total pension benefits were in the Royal Pension Statutory Pension Scheme (RMSPS), the government backed pension scheme established on 1st April 2012.

The affected population comprised of the following:

• Those who had left Royal Mail, Post Office Limited and associated employers (e.g. Quadrant, RoMEC) on or before 31st March 2012.

Those employees who are still employed by Royal Mail, Post Office and associated employers or who left on or after 1st April 2012 have benefits in both the RMSPS and the Royal Mail Pension Plan (RMPP).

The administration of the RMSPS benefits for these ‘dual members’ has been retained by the Royal Mail Pensions Service Centre as a temporary expedient, due to Capita’s state of readiness in September 2018. In practice this means Royal Mail’s Pensions Service Centre has continued to calculate the benefits and has passed the necessary information to Capita to make payment of the RMSPS element.

Complaints from Retired Members of the RMSPS

We have received a number of complaints from our retired members who have had significant problems with Capita’s administration of the RMSPS. Complaints have also been received by Royal Mail, a number of MPs, Capita, and the Pensions Ombudsman. As a consequence, we have recently held a number of meetings as we are pursuing

the ongoing issues with both Royal Mail and Capita. It is fair to say that Royal Mail is also concerned about the level of service being provided by Capita and as such has made representations to the Cabinet Office.

On 15th April, a written response was received from the Parliamentary Secretary at the Cabinet Office to a question submitted by John Spellar, Labour MP for Warley as follows: 

To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office, what assessment he has made of Capita’s performance in administering the Royal Mail Pension Scheme.

Answered by: Oliver Dowden

Following the transition of services from Royal Mail Group to Capita in October 2017, Capita’s performance fell short of expected levels. However, due to the close monitoring that has been in place through the governance arrangements, Capita’s performance has improved and is now operating closer to the contracted levels.

There is a robust governance framework in place that provides Cabinet Office with the relevant oversight to manage the contract. This framework enables Cabinet Office to monitor performance and continuous improvement but also provides an escalation route for any issues that may be encountered throughout the term of the contract.

The Governance model includes an advisory board, called the Royal Mail Pension Scheme Governance Group, which is made up of representatives from stakeholders of the scheme including Union (on behalf of members), employer and Pensioner representatives.

In addition to the above, an article appeared in Pensions Age, a leading pensions magazine which referred to the question above. The article can be accessed by using the following link:

Transfer of Additional Work to Capita

The plan was for the RMSPS element to transition in full to Capita on 29th March 2019, leading to Capita taking on responsibility for the calculation of RMSPS benefits, as well as payment. However, the Cabinet Office took the decision to delay this transition for a month – until the end of April. Capita management assured us at a meeting held in the Sheffield Service Centre on 28th March that the number of outstanding cases had reduced significantly and that Capita was now ready to take on this work. The latest position as determined by the Cabinet Office is that Capita needs more time to address the remaining readiness criteria and risks currently being flagged up. Consequently timelines for any future transition are still work in progress. 

CWU and Unite have agreed to continue to put pressure on the Cabinet Office regarding the ill-conceived decision to award the Royal Mail Pensions Admin contract to Capita as their quality of service is quite clearly not up standard and potentially our

members will suffer as a result.

We will continue to carefully monitor the situation and we are hoping the government will listen to all concerns as we believe there is a strong case for halting the transition of more work to Capita.

If Branches are aware of any issues our members are experiencing with Capita, please contact

Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely


Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary

19LTB247 Royal Mail – Pensions Service Centre – Transfer of Work to Capita – Update

European Elections

European Elections


Dear Colleagues,

Further to LTB 225/19, please find attached the latest communication from Royal Mail for the forthcoming arrangements for the delivery of European Election material which should be carried out in line with the relevant National agreement which is attached for your reference

Branches will realise of course that this information has been received late from the company as the political landscape is certainly changeable to say the least.

Any enquires should be directed to the Outdoor Department, reference 535.09, email address:

Yours sincerely,


Mark Baulch              

CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 239.19 – European ElectionsEuropean Elections Statement 2019Delivery of Election Material National Agreement LTB 209.14



The purpose of this LTB is make branches aware of a political video that has been produced by the CWU Communications department and has been put online yesterday. The video is on our Twitter and Facebook profiles and can be seen via the following links:

The video underlines the pressure we know our members and people across the country are under after nine years of austerity and Tory-led government and encourages people to vote Labour. While this is a general message we want to promote, we have timed it to coincide with the local elections being held in parts of England on 2nd May.

The video features a CWU member and is a powerful message about the state of the country. It demonstrates again how the CWU is leading the way online in the trade union movement and doing more to engage and talk to our members politically. We would urge branches to share it widely on their own social media channels.

Finally, we have a number of members who are standing for Labour in the forthcoming local elections and we would urge branches and members to get involved and support them in campaigning. More generally, for all branches and members in parts of England where local elections are taking place, we would ask you to support local Labour campaign activities and encourage members to go out and vote Labour.

Any further enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to the General Secretary’s Office at quoting the reference LTB 242/19.

Yours sincerely


Dave Ward

General Secretary



CWU Conference 2019 – Postal Standing Order Report No.3 

CWU Conference 2019 – Postal Standing Order Report No.3 

Please find attached the following:

Branches are reminded that credentials and voting cards and any further Standing Orders Reports will be available to pick up from the registration desk in the Windsor Hall Foyer in the Bournemouth International Centre from 3.30 pm – 5.30 pm on Saturday 27th April 2019.

Branches are also reminded that speakers cards need to be completed and returned prior to conference to enable the information to be input onto the system.

Any enquiries regarding this Letter to Branches should be addressed to Chris Tapper or sent to

Yours sincerely


Tony Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary


SOR NO.3 2019

WAC Problematic Gambling Intro

WAC Problematic Gambling Intro

The Equality & Education Department are writing to update Branches on the work done as a result of Motion 9, which was passed at Women’s Conference 2017. The WAC has created a pack about Problematic Gambling to raise awareness of the issue across CWU members, Reps and Officers. This is available on request from our department.

The pack consists of:

  1. Introductory overview
  2. Power Point Slide Pack
  3. 2 Posters that can be printed locally signposting help available via Gamcare.

The posters are attached with this LTB.

Please use this information as you see fit at Reps briefings, Officers meetings, Branch meetings and within workplaces to let our members know that help is available to them if needed.

Our thanks goes in particular to the NW Women’s Regional Committee for their excellent work in helping to create this, specifically Clare Drummond and Karen Kendrick.

Any queries on this LTB should be directed to Fevzi Hussein, Policy Assistant in the first instance.

Yours sincerely,


Trish Lavelle
Assistant Secretary – Equality & Education


19LTB240 – WAC Problematic Gambling Intro

WAC Problematic Gambling Poster 1

WAC Problematic Gambling Poster 2



Branches will be aware that one of the key objectives of Redesign, as agreed by General Conference, is to develop and introduce a new support package for all CWU representatives.

The purpose of this LTB is to explain more about why we think this initiative is important to our future, set out the scope of what it is we are looking to include in a new support package and highlight the process the NEC has agreed to help bring this policy to fruition.


For many years the CWU has prided itself on being the strongest UK work based union, with a unique connection to members, underpinned by a culture of strong representation in the workplace.

However, what has become increasingly clear is that to maintain and enhance our model of trade unionism, we must respond to the growing pressures that representatives now face. We see this from the pace of change, the scale and complexity of today’s individual and collective representational issues and also the increasing levels of stress, wellbeing and mental health issues that are now prevalent throughout society.

It is against this background that we believe it’s important for our future that the union finds a way to offer improved and more consistent support to all existing and new representatives of the CWU. In effect, the concept of a new support package can best be summarised by saying that if you are or become a CWU representative, this is the level of support you will receive and this is what we expect in return, effectively creating a contract between the union, our Branches and all our representatives.

The package should be seen as a vehicle to raise both the standard of how our Branches consistently support their representatives and the overall standard of representation within the union. The thinking behind this initiative is very much connected to the 14 Measures of Success and should also be viewed as supporting CWU succession planning and as a pathway to building a greater and wider understanding on the values of our movement.

The Scope of the Package

The scope of the package we are looking at is really a combination of pulling together the best of our existing support mechanisms e.g. training, mentoring etc., alongside new initiatives like access to confidential and professional wellbeing services. In this regard, the package can be as broad and innovative as we want, within the parameters of an affordable investment. We will also look to tap into the expertise and ideas that exist in Branches and we want to place on record our thanks to Darren Glebocki and the Nottingham District Amal Branch, who we know have already undertaken some excellent work in developing this approach.

Whilst the detailed package will evolve through the Working Group that has been agreed by the NEC, the broad areas we are exploring are as follows:-

  • Creating a one stop reference document for all Branches, outlining the level of support we will consistently provide to representatives and the values of CWU and the wider trade union movement.
  • Providing a platform for Branches to jointly own the project and the package, enabling them to promote this locally to their representatives.
  • Providing a level of access (if required) for all CWU representatives to confidential and professional wellbeing services.
  • Looking at the potential for the union and its Branches to provide a consistent standard of equipment to our representatives.

National Joint Working Group

The NEC has agreed to set up a National Joint Working Group to develop this project and we are looking for 4 Branch Secretaries (2 Postal, 2 T&FS) to join this group. If your Branch is interested in becoming a member of this National Group, please write to the GS Office, ( quoting the above LTB as a reference, by Monday 29th April. We would also like you to submit a short note explaining your reasons for wanting to join the group.

The group will also scope the level of investment required to put in place this type of package and look at ways of working in partnership with Branches to contribute to this.  Furthermore, the group will establish pilot activity to enable the package to evolve in the light of working experience.


Developing and introducing a new support package for CWU representatives, particularly those on the frontline, is an ambitious project which needs to be seen in the wider context of the challenges our representatives face in today’s world of work and the overall objectives of Redesign. It really does go to the heart of the difficult choices we face on what our priorities should be in the future, including the tradeoffs in other parts of Redesign that will be required to ultimately make this type of investment affordable and worthwhile.

Any enquiries on the above LTB should be addressed to

Yours sincerely


Dave Ward
General Secretary

19LTB238 – Redesign a new support package for CWU reps

CWU Conference 2019 – Special Rules Revision – Standing Order Reports

CWU Conference 2019 – Special Rules Revision – Standing Order Reports

Please find attached the following:

  • Special Rules Revision SOC Report Supplementary No.1

Branches are reminded that credentials and voting cards and any further Standing Orders Reports will be available to pick up from the registration desk in the Windsor Hall Foyer in the Bournemouth International Centre from 3.30 pm – 5.30 pm on Saturday 27th April 2019.

Branches are also reminded that speakers cards need to be completed and returned prior to conference to enable the information to be input onto the system.

Any enquiries regarding this Letter to Branches should be addressed to Chris Tapper or sent to

Yours sincerely


Tony Kearns
Senior Deputy General Secretary


Special Rules Revision Conference 2019 – SOR1

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