April Income/Expenditure Balances correct at close of business April 30th 2015

April Income/Expenditure

Balances correct at close of business April 30th 2015

Branch Rebate £9,605.19 Computer Eqpmnt £1,329.83
Other Income £49,106.86 Phones/Internet/Ink £505.42
+ Opening Balance £42,880.34 Stationery/Printing £379.85
Copier Lease £216.22
Central Billing £1,195.58
Reps Expenses £2,138.43
Venue Hire £60.00
Donations £200.00
Affiliations £300.00
Other Expenses £591.71
Total £101,592.39 Total £6,917.04
Balance £94,675.35

As you can see under Other Income, the Branch received just over £49,000 last month. The payment came from CWU HQ who had received and accepted an offer from their insurers to cover the full amount less £5,500 which had been stolen from our accounts. This should now bring an end to the whole sorry episode.

The payment and the subsequent increase in our bank balance does bring about potential issues with future rebates. National rules dictate that any Branch with over 12 months worth of rebate in its accounts will not receive any further rebates until such time that their balance falls below the 12 month figure. Our total rebate for 2014 was approximately £86,500. However, we did receive a rebate at the end of April, as noted above. I will keep you updated on any developments with future Branch rebates.

Taking away the £49,000 payment, the Branch still returned a surplus of almost £2,700 for April.

Most of the expenses above are self-explanatory. The exceptions being;

Venue Hire £60.00. This paid for the hire of The Comrades Club in Godmanchester for a Reps meeting.

Donation £200.00. This was paid to the union’s own national charity CWUHA, to assist in a forthcoming convoy to Moldova. More details can be found at www.cwu.org/cwu-humanitarian-aid.html

Affiliations of £300.00 were broken down as follows – £50.00 to the National Pensioners Council and £250.00 to the Peterborough Trades Council. These are annual affiliations.

Finally, the Other Expenses included £334.80 for USB sticks for every Rep, £146.91 paid into the Branch Benevolent Fund, £20.00 for a Railcard for use by the Retired Members Chairman and £90.00 which paid for a fraternal greeting in the May Day edition of The Socialist newspaper commemorating International Workers Day. A copy of which is available in the Branch Office.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on where your money goes or any other queries over Branch finances.

Austin Goldsmith

Branch Treasurer

May 2015

April 2015 Rebate Breakdown

April 2015 Rebate Breakdown

Reference Details Credit Debit
Rebate – New 21 New Members £152.67
Rebate – Current 1,853 Members £7,042.15
Rebate – Retired 277 Members £364.35
Death Grant Returns 3 Returns £2,235.00
CWU HQ Deduction Defence Fund £75.59
CWU HQ Deduction Regional Committee £75.59
CWU HQ Deduction Womens Committee £18.90
CWU HQ Deduction Learning Committee £18.90
Totals £9,794.17 £188.98
Net Rebate £9,605.19

RE: Review of the Future of Romec

RE: Review of the Future of Romec


The independently led review discussions on the Future of Romec resumed this week following Annual Conference.

Both parties believe that the review is likely to be completed by the end of the month and a series of meetings are scheduled for next week. 

The union has outlined the detailed, wide ranging, legally enforceable protections which will be necessary in the event that the company makes a decision to outsource Romec. It has been agreed that discussions next week will concentrate on exploring further and developing the alternative proposal put forward by the unions, which is that Royal Mail takes full control of Romec. 

We hope that a joint statement will be issued at the conclusion of the review. 

Any enquiries should be addressed to Ray Ellis’s department, quoting reference PTC/RE/dj/335. 
Email address: rellis@cwu.org  


Any enquiries should be addressed to Bob Gibson’s department, quoting reference 120.
Email address: hnutley@cwu.org

Yours sincerely

Ray Ellis,                              Mark Baulch,

Assistant Secretary             Acting Assistant Secretary




Dear Colleague


Talks have now concluded on a new national Conduct Procedure agreement and associated policy guides. LTB 331/2015 has been issued on this subject with attachments.

The briefing will take place on Wednesday, 27th May at:

TUC Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS

Teas and coffees will be provided from 10.30 am.

The briefing will commence at 11.00 am, concluding not later than 2.30 pm.


The following Representatives are invited to attend the National Briefing:

  • One Branch Representative ·        Divisional Representatives ·        Regional Secretaries ·        Territorial Technical Services Representatives ·        Parcelforce Regional Organisers ·        All Royal Mail Area Representatives (Delivery, Processing, Distribution, Admin and Engineers) ·        Fleet and Maintenance Service Representatives ·        Multichannel Customer Experience Representatives


Note: In addition to the above attendees we are requesting that Branches send two Unit Representatives to the Briefing, one of which must be a woman.

Travel and subsistence costs associated with attendance at the Briefing will be in line with CWU policies and guidelines.

Any enquiries should be addressed to Ray Ellis’s department, quoting reference PTC/RE/dj/414. Email address: rellis@cwu.org

Yours sincerely

Ray Ellis, Assistant Secretary

CWU Membership Benefit – Register for your free £5,000 CWU Accidental Death Cover




Dear CWU Member,

Make the most of your CWU membership and don’t miss out on your FREE £5,000 of Accidental Death Cover! 

Cover lasts for 12 months and acceptance is guaranteed for UK residents aged 18-64. 

It’s quick easy and is yet another reason why it pays to be a CWU member. To see all the details, find out more by clicking here


We’ll do the rest. After your application you’ll receive a call from us to take further details, activate your cover and explain other benefits available. 

Don’t delay, get your application in today. 

Tom Willis

If for any reason you cannot follow the links above please go to www.cwuprotect.com/t



CWU Merchandise

CWU Merchandise

As part of the modernisation of our CWU merchandise range, we have partnered with Pellacraft to bring you an easier way of ordering all CWU merchandise.  A new website will allow regions, branches and members to browse and pay for goods using a variety of familiar methods such as Pay Pal, Card and Account.

Shortly, regions and branches will receive an email with log in details a password and a “merchandise shop user guide” that will fully explain the navigation, billing and payment arrangements open to them.

The website will host all CWU merchandise along with UnionLine and all future merchandise for CWU campaigns.  Also, regions and branches will have the ability to personalise merchandise with their branch/region names etc.

We hope you’ll find this system more user friendly than the system we currently have as it will give greater access for our members, branches and regions to choose, order and pay for goods.

Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be directed to jcolbert@cwu.org or

020 8971 7244

Yours sincerely,


Head of Communications

Jafra Foundation Project Donation Request

Jafra Foundation Project Donation Request

We have received a request from the CWU Tyne & Wear Clerical Branch to circulate a donation appeal received by the Northern Region TUC from the Jafra Foundation Project. 
The Jafra Foundation for Relief and Youth Development is a Syrian-based NGO with offices in Yarmouk refugee camp. It works to ease the human suffering in cases of emergency, crises and disastrous situations, as well as to improve the living conditions prevailing in the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria, by involving young people in the development process.  
The Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Damascus, was built in 1957 to shelter Palestinians who had fled the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. Before the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War the camp housed the largest Palestinian refugee community in Syria, with over 150,000 registered refugees. There are now fewer than 18,000 refuges still in Yarmouk. 
The camp has been under siege since 2012 and in April 2015 the Islamic State/ISIL/ Daesh was able to gain control of a large amount of the camp, leaving the remaining civilians in a desperate situation. 
Jafra will bring to Yarmouk camp food, hygiene kits, aqua tabs, education materials and medicine. The Jafra team needs support to carry out this operation and to keep up the flow of relief materials to the camp.
Branches wishing to donate can do so by contacting Melanie Lowden (PA to the Regional Secretary of the Northern TUC) at mlowden@tuc.org.uk


Any enquiries on this LTB should be forwarded to the General Secretary’s Office gsoffice@cwu.org, quoting reference GS16.0 /LTB 323/15
Yours sincerely,


General Secretary

Heroines and Heroes of the Labour Movement Booklet

To: All Branches

Dear Colleague

Heroines and Heroes of the Labour Movement Booklet


The Equal Opportunities Department produced the attached booklet to coincide with BAME Day at Annual Conference this year. The booklet highlights a few Heroines & Heroes within our own organisation and the wider Labour Movement. It is important that we trumpet successes and ensure that we celebrate our own people.

Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be referred to the Equal Opportunities Department.


Yours sincerely

Linda Roy                 

National Equality Officer  

Click on the link below to view the booklet

Heroines & Heros of the Labour movement





All postal branches will be aware of the breaking news that TNT/Whistl has suspended their entire UK delivery operation as a result of the loss of their financial backers. In response to this, the Unions first reaction is one of concern about TNT employees who appear to have lost their jobs and we recognise this is a very difficult time for them and their families.


This latest development, coming 6 months after City Link folded, is further evidence that the model of competition promoted by Ofcom in a crowded post and logistics market is not working and does not benefit workers, businesses or the public.


The sad truth is that for Whistl to be successful it would mean even more job losses in Royal Mail and ultimately the end of 6 day a week deliveries to 29 million addresses in the UK.


Whilst we await further details and developments, the Union has issued the attached press release and Branches should ensure the content of this LTB is circulated to all workplaces. The Union will be seeking a meeting with Royal Mail as a matter of urgency to discuss these developments and further information will follow in due course.


Any enquiries on the above LTB should be addressed to the DGS (P) Department.



Yours sincerely


Dave Ward

Deputy General Secretary (P)


CWU response to the news that Whistl has withdrawn delivery services.


Dave Ward, CWU general secretary elect, said: “Our first reaction to this news is concern for the workers who have lost their jobs. This is of course a difficult time for them and their families and coming less than 6 months after City Link folded, is the most recent effect of a crowded post and logistics market.


“Ofcom needs to pay attention to the impact of competition in the postal market which is not only causing job losses but playing a leading role ‎in driving terms and conditions downwards.


“The sad truth is if Whistl had been successful then it would have been at the expense of even more job losses in Royal Mail and the end of 6 day a week deliveries to 29 million UK addresses.  Ofcom must understand that promoting this model of competition in a declining letters market does not benefit workers, business or the public.”




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