Branch Report March 2016

Youth Officer – Branch Committee Report – March 2016

In the short time since the last meeting and with my first block release, I have completed my quarterly newsletter for the youth members which is below.

Also, I am getting in contact with some ex members to see the reason behind why they have stopped there membership. As well as making sure information held on current members is as up to date as possible.
Dear CWU Member,

Please find below my latest newsletter, if you get a chance to read it that would be great.

To ‘OPT OUT’ from emails from me, please reply ‘OPT-OUT’ to this email

Since my last newsletter in December, I have been to a few meetings as well as ‘Youth Conference’ in Manchester, below is an outline of what is/could be effecting you.

National Living Wage
The government has announced that from 1st April 2016 the National Minimum Wage will increase by 50p per hour to create National Living Wage. The living wage for those who are unsure, is the amount of money someone can earn and still live with the basics such as food, water, rent etc. However according to the real living wage should be 8.25 per hour, over 1 more than what the government thinks.

But this does not apply to those under 25! Under 25’s will remain on the Minimum Wage, this is far from ideal when you consider those in this age bracket are already being hit with over priced insurance premiums and cuts to Housing Benefit. This will also make it near on impossible for those under 25 to buy/rent. With budgets to charities and advice centres facing high cuts, it means those under 25 won’t be getting the help we need.

Mental Health – Royal Mail
Royal Mail have launched their ‘Feeling First Class Campaign’ to help those who are struggling with day to day tasks. At Peterborough Mail Centre on the Early Processing Shift, they will soon be trailing a group of listeners to enable those who are feeling under the weather to be able to speak to a trusted colleague. The shift have also displayed dedicated notice boards around the mail centre to highlight mental health and issues such as Bullying and Harassment, also a monthly newsletter is circulated offering advice and support on specific topics. So far this is proving very popular and has encouraged alot of people to come out of their shell. As this is currently on a trail it is remaining on this particular shift, but it should hopefully be rolled out across shifts and delivery units later this year. For more information, please follow the links below


0800 6888 777 – Confidential Helpline Service (Royal Mail Employees Only)

The ‘EU’ Referendum
As I’m more than sure you are aware, the government have announced that those who are eligible to vote will be called to vote in the EU Referendum on 23rd June. So far polls suggest a 50/50 split with millions including myself still being undecided. It is however very important that you use your vote! Please make sure that you are registered to vote by following the link below, the other benefit of doing this is, it would help your application when applying for credit. It should only take 5mins to do.

Youth Conference – Jan 2016 – Manchester
I had the opportunity to represent the Youth in the branch at the dedicated Youth Conference in Manchester back in January. Please use the link below to see the full report on this, but briefly it was a very enjoyable day with plenty of debate on how the future of the union could be shaped.

CWU National Youth Education Event 2016
The location for this years education event is being held in Sheffield from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th October. The education event is a great way of finding the path to get involved in the CWU. Accommodation in a hotel and meals are paid for as well as release from your duty (only if you are contracted to work that day) (You must take Annual Leave if you work for DHL). There is 150 youth members in our branch and there is only two spaces available for this. Ideally the two selected would be 1 male 1 female or members in different functions. Below is a link to what it’s all about. If you are interested? Please contact me.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions relating to this newsletter please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Matt Bellamy

Youth Officer