Youth Conference Report Saturday 21st January 2017

Youth Conference Report
Saturday 21st January 2017

What is Youth Conference?
For those that don’t know, a conference sets policy for the union on what to focus or not focus on. For instance, it’s a conference or policy forum that sets out what the CWU want from the business, it was a policy forum in 2016 that instructed the CWU to fight for a 35-hour week in Royal Mail.

Youth Conference is slightly different, the CWU has National and Regional Youth Committees that represent the values and issues of those members under 30. Branches submit motions to Youth Conference, delegates who represent the branch move, second, debate and vote on motions.

The motion submitted by myself and endorsed by the branch was for the Youth Committee to launch a wide campaign over the escalating issue regarding Youth Homelessness.

This Conference like last year was held at the Mechanics Institute in Manchester.

Throughout the day, guest speakers are invited and a brief outline is below.

Jake Fear (Youth Committee Chair) welcomed all to his first Conference as leading chair.

Dave Ward (General Secretary)
Dave started off by saying that Youth Conference is one of his ‘most enjoyable’ events. He spoke briefly about the CWU re-design and insisted that changes must happen as membership has been steadily in decline over recent years. He briefly spoke about Donald Trump, the UK housing crisis and what’s happening to social care. He stated that as part of the re-design he would like to open to the membership and allow them to be a part of the incoming changes.

Dave also thanked Simon Sapper (National Officer) for his commitment and time in office and wished him all the best for the future.


For a full detail of each motion submitted please contact me and I will supply you with a copy of the Agenda.


As part of the rules of Youth Conference, branches can select one motion from section one and two motions from section 2 to be moved at General Conference where it will if passed become policy of the whole union. The motions selected were 1, 6, 10.

There were two presentations, one from Momentum and the other from UNI. Further detail on request.

After the motions, we were put into groups and had to come up with ideas on how as regions we can promote and engage with members.

It was reported that including delegates, visitors and guests in total 95 people were in attendance. It was a good conference despite the parting gift of my car being broken into while it was in the car park.

Any questions regarding this report, please feel free to contact me by the details below.

Matt Bellamy

Branch Youth Officer
Eastern No5

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