Youth Officer – Quarterly Newsletter June 2016

Youth Officer – Quarterly Newsletter

June 2016



Please find below an outline of what’s been happening since the last newsletter in March.

Apologies that this is late, I have been away a lot recently due to a family bereavement,

moving house and a holiday.


Eastern Regional Youth Committee Meeting

Sadly, this was cancelled last minute due to the business not allowing release to some of

those down to attend.


Annual Conference

I for the first time attended Annual Conference this year in April at the BIC in Bournemouth.

It was held over 5 days compared to the smaller conferences that I have attended that only

run for one day. I did however get up to speak at the rostrum which to be honest was the

most nerve-wracking thing I have ever done! I spoke about a motion on ‘ill health retirement’

in Royal Mail and used my personal experiences to persuade the vote.


The conference has a ‘General’ section which runs for two days and covers issues with policy

effecting the whole of the union and their members in BT, Royal Mail, Post Office etc.

The other 3 days the conference is split between ‘Telecoms and Financial Services’ and ‘Postal’.


Overall, I had a brilliant week and learned a lot about not just Postal but issues in BT as well.


Personal Details Reminder

Please make sure to notify your rep or the branch when you move house/change numbers/

change email address or transfer throughout the business. Royal Mail do not tell the union

when you have moved so it is therefore important that you let us know. A link to an online

form is available here…


National Youth Education Event – Sheffield October

A while ago in my last newsletter, I asked if anyone was interested in going to the

National Youth Education Event (NYEE). You should have noticed a poster and a Q&A sheet on

display in your office but if you are unsure what it is or how to become involved please feel free

to message me by the details at the bottom of the page.


EU Referendum

I am sure that you are more than aware the result of the EU Referendum and David Cameron’s

resignation in October, but what happens next? Reports say that it could take two years to officially

leave the EU but what happens after that, no one is really quite sure at this time.


Royal Mail Pay Ballot

Please make sure that you return your postal ballot for the proposed 1 year ‘no strings’ pay rise

as soon as possible as this closes on 30th June.


Questions and Suggestions?

Do you have any questions or suggestions on how we as a union can continue to help our you

Dear Sir or Madam,and your members?

Please get in touch!

The next newsletter is due in September.




Matt Bellamy

Branch Youth Officer

Eastern No5 Branch

Po Box 438



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