CWU – Youth Officer Quarterly Newsletter April 2017

CWU – Youth Officer Quarterly Newsletter
April 2017

Dear CWU Member,

Please find below the latest going on in the CWU.

Youth Membership Survey
You should now be in receipt of a short survey on your membership with the CWU and where we may be able to help if you seek to become a more active member. Please take the time to fill this in and send it back to me in the FREEPOST envelope provided. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

The 4 Pillars
As part of ongoing negotiations with Royal Mail. The CWU is looking to secure future employment and conditions post 2018-19. The CWU is striving for…

1. A pension solution that works for all.
2. A shorter working week from 39 hours to 35 hours for full time with no loss of pay.
3. An extension to our legally binding protections.
4. A re-designed pipeline.

We ask for your support the CWU during these negotiations.

Royal Mail’s Response to Pension Offer
Following the above, Royal Mail (despite good evidence that the CWU proposed scheme will work) have decided to press on with their own agenda. They have also indicated that a 35 hour week must be self funding. The CWU, have emergency motions going to our Annual Conference next week to challenge their decision up to and including an industrial ballot. Over the coming weeks and months your reps/area reps should be holding various gate meetings to keep you updated with the latest and seek your support.

Annual Conference
Our annual General and Postal Conference is due to take place in Bournemouth 22nd-27th April. Keep an eye on the branch social media for updates. Links to these can be found on

National Youth Education Event – 2017
As you may have heard before, the NYEE is an event aimed at getting young workers more active in the CWU. Last year this was held in Sheffield over 2 nights. It is due to be held in Liverpool in October, you should receive more information in due course about this event. I am hoping to get some leaflets out to your offices soon.

The Next newsletter is due around June. If anyone has any suggestions for recommendations please let me know.

Matt Bellamy

Eastern Regional Youth Committee Chair
Youth Officer
Eastern No5 Branch
PO Box 438

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