Quarterly Newsletter Summer – Autumn 2016


Quarterly Newsletter Summer – Autumn 2016




Over the last few months I have been busy and In a way I haven’t as I have had some time off sick due to a condition that I suffer with but I have tried to do as much as possible from home.


Royal Mail Shares

For those who were given the first slot of free shares back in 2013, from 15th October 2016, you will now be able to withdraw 613 of the 832 (pro-rata) shares which at today’s rate are currently valued at £2,969.98 (613 Shares according to Equnti). You should always bear in mind that until October 2018 you will have to pay tax and national insurance. Don’t be in a rush to sell them if you don’t need them.


Remember, the share price can go up as well as down, the current share price is 35p a share lower than last week this is roughly equivalent to a value loss of £214.55 (613 Shares). Be aware that the price could tumble if a lot of employee’s sell their shares at the same time. It is always advised that you seek financial advice before committing to selling your shares. But as it is your shares, it is up to you.


Young Minds – Mental Health


While doing some research I have come across some very interesting stats regarding Mental Health in Youth especially those who are under 20. The link below should take you to the page but it’s of particular interest if you so suffer with Mental Health issues or are BAME or LGBT. It says to me that the people suffering although they may feel like it they are by far not alone.



  Mental Health Statistics – Young Minds


Mental Health Statistics Key Statistics. One in Four (26%) young people in the UK experience suicidal thoughts; ChildLine (UK) has revealed that it held 34,517 …


Regional Youth Committee Meeting – July


Following on from the cancelled April meeting, this meeting went ahead in London and proved to be a very successful one and I came away with a lot to help with Youth Recruitment into the union and the potential to help other reps in other branches with their recruitment. This is great because Trade Union membership is in a constant decline especially on the Under 30’s side. Working with the committee I have developed a presentation to take to other union branches in the region.


Jargon Buster

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what we’re on about when we use terms like BCM (Branch Committee Meeting) and GS (General Secretary), I have found on the CWU Youth Website a link to a Union Speak Jargon Buster



Union Speak – cwuyouth.org


Resources; Union Speak; Union Speak. We do try to keep this website free of union speak and jargon, but sometimes some will sneak through. Hopefully this list will …

Bullying and Harassment

If you feel you are being bullied or harassed please let your rep know as soon as possible so they can help put a stop to it.


The CWU has a bullying and harassment helpline and contact form as well as the examples of bullying on the following link.



Bullying and harassment – Welcome to CWU


Bullying and harassment. What is Bullying & Harassment? Individuals have the right to be treated with dignity and respect at work. Harassment is any conduct or …

Union Myth Buster

You should find in the attachments a myth buster about joining the union that has been forwarded on to me by the Area Processing Rep. It’s not long winded and is beneficial on those occasions when someone is trying to discourage you from joining a union.


National Youth Education Event

The NYEE is due to take place in the next couple of weeks for a weekend in Sheffield, I am looking forward to meeting other Youth Officers and members across both parts of the union and if it is anything like last year it is a great weekend. If you are interested in going to next years NYEE please take a look at the link below and contact me about how to get involved.


National Youth Education Event – What’s that all about?


Events; National Youth Education Event – What’s that all about? National Youth Education Event – What’s that all about? THE MISSION The National Youth Education Event …


If you have any suggestions or advice about what is included in this newsletter, please let me know!


The next newsletter is due in December.


Matt Bellamy


Youth Officer

Eastern No5 Branch

PO Box 438




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