National Youth Education Event Sheffield 14th – 16th October 2016

National Youth Education Event


14th – 16th October

Branch Youth Officer



What is the National Youth Education Event?

The NYEE is held annually in a different location each year. This year it was held at the Jury’s Inn Sheffield.

It brings together young activists and reps from across the union and features such things as team building, round-table discussions with our most senior representatives and a ‘Mock’ Youth Conference.

As part of the event we also attend a themed social night at a local venue.


Tony Kearns – Senior Deputy General Secretary

Tony gave a talk on how the Youth movement within the CWU is crucial and how committed himself and Dave Ward (General Secretary) are to CWU Youth.


Using Your MP – Workshop Hosted by John Trickett MP

John gave us several stories and examples on how to become involved in politics and how he became involved. He made some good points on Labour Party membership and encouraged members to go to local meetings.


Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign

Joe Rollings came and gave us a very thorough presentation about the Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign.

For those that don’t know, the campaign is for justice for those trade unionists and miners who suffered police brutality at Orgreave in 1984. The campaign is to expose the truth about what happened and how the police force has and are still covering up what happened.

It is like the Hillsborough campaign which as you may be aware has recently after an enquiry, been found that the Liverpool fans were not to blame.


Industrial Roundtable Discussions

During the event, we were split between Postal and T&FS (Telecoms and Financial Services) to speak directly to the people that represent us with senior management. The discussion was with Ray Ellis (Assistant Secretary). You get the chance to ask questions about issues in your workplace and how the union are dealing with them.

I asked a question to Ray regarding a rumor that new graduates are being discouraged from joining their own union and could this be the start of an attack on our union. Ray responded to say that RM have improved their stance on CWU Membership and that he is unaware of any issues in other unions. Other questions were asked including the new Trimble kit in vans and how in some cases it has been attempted to be used for conduct despite a joint agreement

And the big discussion was as always p/t and f/t contracts, manager’s performing OPG work and resourcing issues. Ray reminded us that there is the IR framework, which is there to act as a solution to issues and that it should be used if no agreement can be made.



Saturday Night – Social Event

We had a joint meal and a social night with a theme and some drinks, this year’s theme was loud shirts and it was great to see members had in fact brought some along.

After the meal, we had a union related quiz which I am glad to say our team won! There is also a raffle with any money raised going to charity.

I can say that even though most people do not know each other it was a great laugh!


Mock Conference

Mock Conference is like the real thing but the subjects debated do not create policy for the union, but it is a great way of getting used to public speaking if you wanted to. The committee put in some controversial subjects to get the debate going and it was great to see some members who only wanted to go for the experience, getting up and speaking for the first time!



How Can You Get Involved?

You can get involved by various means, the most important thing is, that you are a member of the CWU!

Just speak to you rep or Branch Youth Officer about becoming more active, perhaps there is a substitute role available in your office? Or you would like to come along to the NYEE for the experience? Just let us know!

Various Branch Contacts can be found on the branch website.


Any Questions or suggestions?


Matt Bellamy

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