Youth January Report

January BCM Report



There is not much to report in this month’s report as I did not take any release over Xmas and as usual at Christmas things go quiet.



New Members Letter


I have produced a letter that will be distributed out to new members that welcomes them to the union and who I am and what my role is.



Quarterly Newsletter


This has gone out to the members under 30 a couple of weeks before Christmas.



Christmas Bonus – Royal Mail

This year’s Christmas Bonus for staff who work within Royal Mail is £100 plus a £100 incentive payment (pro-rata) which is the same as the last few years. This is due to be paid on the last payday before Christmas which is Friday 23rd December.


Christmas Pressure

Hard to believe but we are now in the busiest week of Christmas Pressure, I know it comes every year and can be tough but in a couple of weeks it will all be done and dusted. I appreciate that whilst it is the busiest time and can be very stressful when mail is poorly addressed, delivery to neighbour and missing out on tips, Just remember to stay safe, don’t take any risks and report any accidents or near misses to your line manager/rep.


Christmas & Debt

I am sure that most of you would have completed most of your Christmas shopping by now but if you are struggling to afford presents try to limit down the value of products your buying. A tip I was given one year when I was struggling was to buy people scratchcards. I am always very wary about credit cards and payday loans when it’s not needed.


Christmas & Bereavement

This time of year can be a real struggle for some who have sadly lost those who were close to them. It can be difficult to try and have a normal Christmas like in years past, but for those who are struggling, I can assure you that it does get better in time but if you need any support at this time of year I have put a link below.


Cold Weather

It is really important that you have the correct footwear and uniform for the conditions you are working in, especially in snow and ice. If you don’t have them or cannot get them authorised by the uniform department speak to your manager. Remember if it doesn’t look safe don’t do it. Highlight any safety issues to your manager and keep the walklog updated even if it’s not your delivery. Try to make sure it’s always reported. If you cannot deliver to an address or area because of a safety issue, make sure you notify your manager at the earliest opportunity to avoid any potential delay conduct issues.


Utility Bills

Early indications show that as early as March, electricity and gas prices could rise by up to 10%. It would be wise to stay on the safe side and do a comparison to switch suppliers on a fixed rate. Whilst you may have to pay the higher prices in the end it may save you a few quid in the short run.



Legal Services + Free Wills

As part of your membership with the CWU, you are entitled to free legal services through Unionline.


They also offer a Free Will Service for members! I have just done this myself as me and my partner are not married and I would hate to think that if the worst was to happen then he would be left out and struggle to cope. It did take a couple of months to come back but it is quite simple.


We also have a Legal & Medical rep within the branch who can assist you with certain aspects.





A more detailed report has been produced for the AGM.


I would like to express my thanks for the BC and reps for their continued support for the past year and I hope to be able to continue the work I do this year.



Matt Bellamy


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