The Ascent of Women.

The Ascent of Women

I asked the 49 women who took part in the Blanket of Poppies to give me some of their wisdoms and now I have written them into a poem a 100 years after Edith Cavell’s death. I hope they shed light in a world that can often seem pretty dark.


Be happy, be who you want to be, be brave,follow dreams, embrace life & enjoy it at every stage.

At no time, sit in someone else’s cage, wishing time away, never be afraid to turn that new page.


Save yourself as much stress as you can, don’t worry about black hearts and fate’s schemes.

Don’t waste so much time in sadness instead save 10% of all you earn for treats and dreams.


Believe in your wisdom & see that you can be anything you wish and have the courage to do it.

Move forward with confidence, even if its feigned, take a cut to your pride with grace and wit.

Don’t let anyone stop you from mapping your heart, or finding fun and reaching for the stars.

Be kind to those who are full of fear, talk over the voices, be proud of the person you are.


Never let go, Life goes on, not unlike a waterfall and there are always surprises round the corner.  

Release anger, don’t hold bitterness, it’s cold rage & icy revenge will never make it feel warmer.


Maintain the power of positive thinking by laughing, creating,giving, receiving, wishing & winking.

Don’t be put off from your passion by other’s comments. Take the next step without blinking.


Forbid the comfy & the same old routine by mixing with people that are inspiring & have skills.

Befriend others without too much judgement, preaching can be lonely on top of that righteous hill.


Run with your real interests, don’t stop at one & stop feeling you always have to please others.

Keep going it gets better all the time but value the small things, the struggles & the little wonders


Know that every experience will give you something for the future, each blunder is an opportunity.

Trust your instinct & don’t get so tied up with your rights that you forget your responsibilities.


Take time to work out your personality, no pressure. Aim for your hopes & not someone else’s.

Family and friends are the most important things you will ever have & that’s where the wealth is.


Before you speak ask yourself these questions. Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

Counsel yourself to be gentler and more tolerant with those people that you find hard to agree.

No filling voids with sales & vanity goods, No shoulds, don’t stress about what ifs so much.

Try your best, if you fail, try again, no one is better than anyone else & love your unique touch.


if you want to do something then do it, because if you put it off, you may regret it in later life.

Getting bogged down in the small petty stuff will mean you fill treasured moments with strife.


Make your heaven here in this patch, fill it with good intentions, dirty jokes & smiling friends.

When in the midst of pain, remember it will soon be a memory & it will all be OK in the end.


By Keely Mills


August 29th 2015

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