BCM 28th June

BCM 28th June

Women’s Committee
I now have a committee agreement between Rebecca Mantyk, Tony Gauthier and myself.
I have agreed release for the committee to meet on alternate Monday and Tuesday’s due to operational demands between processing and deliveries. Both Rebecca and Tony are fully on board with the committee. The first meeting is booked for Monday 18th July at 11am.


The women’s board was put up last month. Last week Jenny Garner arranged the A4 notice boards to be put in the female toilets. These I intend to change the posters every 3 months for relevant information.

Regional Equality Meeting 3rd June

Paul informed the meeting that the Mental Health training is imminent. The region cannot pay for all the training so he is looking to the branches to spread the cost, it was mentioned it would be in the region of £200 each person.
Paul is to email HQ about how the committee feels about how the conference is timing out on equality matters. It was suggested that on Equality day at the conference equality motions should either be heard first thing in the morning or first thing after lunch.
Winston Richards reported back on the RAC, their main priority has been to look at while so many deaths are happening in police custody. They have been liaising with the education department with mentoring, the second course is due to run at Alvescot 21/22 June. Sometime in September the mentors and mentee’s will be paired up. They have also been working on paid time off for BAME officers. The RAC had a trip to Calais to visit the jungle, after talking to the people there, all they want is to spread the word of why they are there. If any donations collected for them they would rather have money sent so they can spend on provisions.
Jeff Till spoke on behave of the DAC. He is covering London and Eastern region. Their main aim has been to go through every motion that went through conference and work on each 1 they are working on facility time however he feels disability is the lowest priority.

Equality Seminar
Although a success with a variety of speakers on different subjects I was disappointed with the turn out. I’m not sure the reason for this, whether it was down to people not interested, not being advertised enough or just because it was held at a weekend.

Eastern Region women’s chair
As from the 17th June I am sitting as chair for the region’s women’s committee, this is due to the sad passing of Sue Lewis.

Kate Jackson
Women’s Officer

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