Youth Report BCM July

BCM July 2016

Youth Officer Report



It’s been a productive month since the last meeting, this report has had to be typed up earlier than usual due to the Eastern Regional Committee meeting which I will come onto later.


Quarterly Newsletter

This has now been sent out and I have still had no responses for the National Youth Education Event.


Youth Conference 2017

This will be held in Manchester in January. It is looking like it will be the same venue as Youth Conference 2016 at the Mechanics Institute, which was the old TUC HQ in Princess St.


Eastern Regional Youth Committee Meeting – London – 8th July

After the April meeting was cancelled, this meeting has now gone ahead but we are really struggling for a strong committee and sadly only four branches attended this meeting, Eastern 4,5 CCTV and Colchester & District.


This highlighted a big problem that we are facing, some issues around attendance are down to release but some branches have non-active Youth Officers and a considerable amount of Branches do not have a Youth Officer at all. In our January meeting it was agreed that any branch who does not have a Youth Officer must send someone from their branch on their behalf sadly, this was ignored.


As we cannot progress with business until we have a strong committee and the difficulty in getting branches to attend I came up with the idea of being guest speakers at Branch Committee Meetings in the region to speak with them directly on how we can move forward and it also gives them the opportunity to express their concerns and offer advice if need be. The committee liked this idea very much and with the support from Paul Moffat. Myself, Jamie George (CCTV) and Laura Snell (Eastern 4) will be attending the regional meeting on the 22nd July to forewarn branches of our visit. Hopefully this will prove beneficial. This will require some release obviously but it would be beneficial to bring ideas back to our branch that have come from other branches in the region.


The issue was discussed of branches having a good Youth Officer but then hitting 30 and fading away, we felt that we need to find a way of using their skills for the years to follow. I raised a point which was… “we have the National Youth Event, committee meetings and special training and consideration for those who want to be active under 30 but, what if Joe Bloggs is 35 just settled down and now wants to become active? Why shouldn’t he be able to access the same resources we can?” Paul liked this way of thinking very much which led me on to say with an ageing workforce would it be a good idea to remove the 30 limit altogether and change the ‘Youth’ section to a general ‘Getting Active’ section focusing on Youth but not limiting it to them.


We discussed the Proportionality Event that happened in February, we felt that ‘Youth’ had virtually no place what so ever at the event and that it seemed for a special event about Equality, why did it have sections, i.e LGBT, BAME etc? Is Equality not everyone together? Which led us on to talk about the Proportionality Agenda and the reserved seats rather than suitability. We also spoke about the Equality Conferences and I said would it not be more Equal and better perceived if there was an Equality day at General Conference? Where the whole floor could get involved. It seems pointless to me to have separate Conferences for each category you fall in to. After all, if you want Equality you need to show Equality! I think this opened a few people’s minds as to what I was saying and it seemed well received.


We have now set up a WhatsApp group which I moderate so we can keep in touch with each other a lot easier.


The meeting closed with us all very positive about the upcoming months, Paul Moffat has gave us his full backing on which way we decide to do things and what we progress with.



To conclude, I have a very busy few months ahead and I will be pleased if I can come back and report on how things have gone.















Matt Bellamy

Youth Officer


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