Youth Officer 24th May 2016

Matt Bellamy – Youth Officer – Branch Committee Report

24th May 2016



Over the past month I have been very busy with certain aspects of my work as ‘Youth Officer’. Below is an outline of what I have done.


Annual Conference

I was a trainee delegate and attended along with the branch delegation to Annual Conference in Bournemouth. I also attended the ‘New Delegates Session’ and after some encouragement got up and spoke which was really beneficial to get an idea of what standing at the rostrum is like.


The whole week was a brilliant learning experience and I did plan to speak on a few motions but unfortunately the ones I had picked were timed out. I did manage to support a motion regarding transfer’s and ill-health retirement during Postal Conference and I will say it was the most nerve wracking thing I had done! But if I was given the opportunity I will definitely get up and speak again.


I really learnt a lot throughout the week and about some issues going on in both Post Office and BT. I would definitely recommend any rep going and see what the other side of the union is like.


National Youth Education Event

Following recommendation 3. “With the upcoming Youth Education Event in October, I would like to seek permission from the Branch Committee to allow myself and two other delegates to attend. This will be based on how the event is promoted and applications received by members. It would be my full intention to have a delegation of 1 Female & 1 Male. Ideally the two delegates would be from different functions and travel together.”


I have put together a poster as well as a FAQ poster and sent them out to reps at our delivery units. This will also be included as part of my quarterly newsletter when I return from leave. So far unsurprisingly I have had no responses but I do remain hopeful.


CWU Exchange Mentoring Scheme

This is something that has come out of HQ and the training department. Briefly, it’s a mentoring scheme that allows representatives who represent under represented members, i.e. BAME, WOMEN and YOUTH to work with a certain trained mentor to use their useful knowledge and skills to use in our own workplaces.


I have sent off an application form to Michelle Simpson showing my interest in the scheme.


Members Details

I have been continuing to update members details and I have now contacted by letter each member that is missing an email address or their email address comes back returned. I have had in total around 10 back. This also proves useful with local and national campaigns and also if the CWU went towards e-voting for ballots.


‘Futureproof’ CWU Youth Newsletter

I received back at the start of the month a newsletter from Simon Sapper and I have forwarded this onto the ‘Youth’ members in the branch. Under one of the links in the newsletter where it talks about Conference our branch and myself did get a mention as a new speaker from the ‘Youth’.


Anyone who wants a copy if this interactive newsletter then please let me know.


Youth Committee

A motion was carried at Rules Conference to widen the National Youth Committee from 10 members to 20 with a 50/50 split from T&FS and Postal. I am hoping that a vacant position becomes available soon in our area.


Quarterly Newsletter

My Quarterly Newsletter is due to be written at the back end of June, if anyone wants to include anything that they may think is relevant then please let me know. This report may be delayed due to two weeks leave and a trip to Newcastle for the Branch Youth Officers Forum but I will try to squeeze it in.



Since the update to my personal laptop from Kingsoft to Microsoft Office, I have found writing reports and working with spreadsheets etc. a lot easier!



If anyone has any questions/suggestions, then please feel free to contact me.


Matt Bellamy

Youth Officer


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