Branch Report April 2016

Youth Officer Branch Committee Report
April 2016

Over the past couple of months I have been very busy thanks to set release agreed by the branch. Below is an outline of what I have been doing following the recommendation from the last committee meeting (below) and the agreement for this to be reviewed at this committee meeting.

For reference the Recommendation from February’s BCM
“The branch committee to authorise a set time of 4 hours release each week to work and liaise with the Regional Youth Committee, develop reports, research, reach out to members, office visits and mapping. To expand the youth membership in the branch and the region and to tackle these issues sooner rather than later.”

Stopped Members
I have emailed all the stopped members under 30 to seek their reasons for leaving the CWU and insisted any type of response would remain confidential. Out of 7 I have had 3 replies, one on sabbatical, two who have left the business.

Death Nominee
I have emailed/mailed all members who are missing their death nominee on the database, out of 7 I have had 3 replies.

Contact Details
I have sent a letter out to 31 members who’s email addresses are missing from the database and supplied a covering letter with the appropriate form and a free-post envelope. I have 21 letters still to be returned. It was also a good opportunity for members to update their address details etc.

Regional Youth Committee 08/04/16
I produced a report for the committee and made copies for those attending. Sadly to my disappointment the meeting was cancelled the day before. I emailed Paul Moffat expressing my concerns about the short notice and his reply was that because of so called “business requirements” for some attending the meeting unfortunately their was not enough people for the meeting to go ahead. I also expressed that these meetings are arranged with plenty of notice and it was agreed at the last meeting that ‘if any Youth Officer cannot attend then another branch official should take their place. However I don’t believe this message was circulated.

I have tried at great length during my release to get in contact with those on the committee but I only seem to be in contact with the Youth Officer at CCTV Branch. Nobody else has been in contact nor responded to emails that I have sent. This is very frustrating when so much focus is being put onto the Youth section and it seems that even the most simplest of things can prove difficult.

National Youth Education Event
The location for this years Youth Event has been released and will be held on 14th- 16th October at Jury’s Inn Hotel in Sheffield. I have put up a poster and put together some information regarding this to try to encourage members to sign up. This can be found on the branch notice board in the mail centre, a copy will be distributed to members and reps to display on there notice boards.

Members Quarterly Newsletter
A copy of this was sent out to members in March and one is attached to the March report.

During conducting some research I noticed that since the update of the CWU website some links on are now broken or work intermittently. Some important things that research has brought me to is the so called ‘Living Wage’ and how it affects the under 25’s most who can now be exploited for ‘cheap labour’.

Any issues or questions?

Matt Bellamy
Youth Officer


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