Branch Committee Youth Officer Report 23rd February 2016

Branch Committee Youth Officer Report
23rd February 2016

Over the past month I have attended Youth Conference in Manchester, the Eastern Regional Youth Committee meeting in London as well as the Proportionality event at Trade Union Congress also in London. My quarterly report for ‘Youth’ members is due to be written up and sent on to members in the next couple of weeks, it will contain parts of my BCM reports as well as some helpful advice on Mental Health, Help to buy ISA’s and the Trade Union Bill. If anyone wants to be included in this mailing list or would like a hard copy (it’s not strictly for the under 30’s) then contact me by the details at the bottom of this report.

Youth Conference – Mechanics Institute Manchester
In January, I attended the annual Youth Conference at the old TUC HQ in Manchester. As with any conference a debate is held on motions and two are picked to progress to General Annual Conference in April.

My separate report on this is visible on the Union Board in PMC, and a copy was distributed to unit reps.

The two motions going forward to conference are…

2 – Conference recognises the need for succession planning within the union’s branch structures. Therefore conference instructs the National Youth Committee to work with the NEC to come up with a shadowing scheme allowing younger reps the chance to learn from more senior reps and avoiding the holes being left when senior reps leave. Submitted by the National Youth Committee

4 – Conference notes with alarm the increasing levels of workplace stress affecting young CWU members. Increasing drive to meet customer demands is leading to an ever increasing work load for our members, and there is no evidence of the pressure decreasing. Conference instructs the national youth committee to lobby the NEC to investigate the main issues of workplace stress and report back any findings. Submitted by South Wales

Eastern Regional Youth Committee
At the end of January I attended my first meeting along with Andy Beeby (Political Officer) in London. The regional youth committee is made up of Youth Officers throughout the eastern region. The only branches in attendance out of 11 who could attend were Eastern No3, No4, No5, CCTV, and South Central Postal. It was stressed that any branch who does not have a Youth Officer should send another branch official to attend on behalf of the youth members.

A joint chair was elected ‘Laura Snell – Eastern No4’ and ‘Jordan Craig – Eastern No3’ with the secretary being ‘Jamie George – CCTV’. Jordan Craig currently holds a position on the NYC.

Our plans for the year were discussed and it is hoped that we could organise a Regional Youth Event. My idea of emailing youth members with a quarterly report was also discussed and liked by the overall majority, they have now gone away with the same tools I used to set up their own mailing lists and report before the next meeting in April.

Jamie George submitted a motion to Youth Conference and although it was strongly debated against it was carried by a majority of one! It was therefore agreed that the motion will be submitted to General Conference by the Regional Committee, a draft of the motion is as follows…

“Conference notes with alarm the increasing levels of workplace stress affecting not just CWU members, but people across the UK. Conference believes that a long hour’s culture is a major contributor to the current unsatisfactory situation. Conference therefore welcomes developments similar to those of Sweden where government action to introduce a shorter working day has been taken, with resulting increases in productivity. If introduced in the UK, current levels of salary would be protected, the only change would be the hours you work, not the salary you earn. Conference instructs the NEC to lobby government for similar changes in the UK and stabilize the disproportionate current work-life balance”

As Jamie only lives in St Ives he has suggested that it could be possible to make some school visits to give a brief overview of Trade Union history and where we are now, to try to get the younger people to actually know what a trade union is/does.

Any Questions regarding this report please contact…

Matt Bellamy
Youth Officer


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