November Youth Officer Report

BCM November 2016
Youth Officer Report

I have been busy this month and this report and the attached documents are quite lengthy.

National Youth Education Event
This took place in October in Sheffield. Report Attached.

Recruitment and Office Visit
Following on from the training session with Paul Malyan at HQ in October, I came down to the MC at the beginning of the month to join Luke Smith and Kate Jackson to observe a recruitment session of new recruits into the business. This proved very beneficial and with a bit more experience, will give me the confidence to potentially hold the session.

During the same week, a small delegation of the branch made an office visit to Wisbech DO. Although I knew most members in this office from my 4 ½ years on delivery there it was still well worth the visit to see the local issues the office was facing as well as to speak to young members in the unit.

Regional Youth Committee Meeting
This was hosted by myself at Peterborough Mail Centre on 4th Nov. Myself, Jamie George (National Youth Committee + CCTV) and Laura Snell (National Youth Committee + Eastern No4) were in attendance. We worked through the presentation that we have put together to take out to branches who have no Youth Officer. We have also drafted up some questions we wish to put out to members in the form of a survey to see if there are any barriers to becoming involved.

LGBT Conference
Under my other role as LGBT Officer, I attended this year’s LGBT Conference which was held in Leicester. Report Attached.

Matt Bellamy


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