Retired Secretary Report September 2017

Pat Friskey, Retired Members Secretary

CWU Eastern 5, PO Box 438

Peterborough, PE4 5PE

TEL: 07956215285

Retired Secretary Report September 2017


Have received the dates for next year’s conference, 11th to 14th June 2018. Have also received form for regerstration and how many delegates

Going cost is £10-00 each and we are sending 3 delegates, have sent form to Austin for payment.


Mick Goldsmith attend the meeting, his report enclosed.

Regional Meeting

No report next meeting October

Pavement parking campaign update


Reference our telephone conversation last week, where

you said you would write to Ed Murphy re above subject

and cc me in to the message, as agreed at the BCM.

Could you please confirm you have wrote to Ed, and

if so could you forward the message on.

If not, you could forward me his email address and I will

write to him myself.  Not sure if you have contacted Paul

Moffart on this matter, but if not I’m sure we should, the more people we

have on board the better it will be, if not I could cc him in to the

letter to Ed

Kind Regards


Hi Andy

Thanks for the quick reply, I take it you have not taken it to regional level yet, I think that this is a national problem that happens in every city and town in the UK, may be Richard should be contacting Dave Joyce and ask him to get invoiced in this matter

we should discuss it at the next BCM to ask there.

Kind Regards


From: Andy Beeby <>

Sent: 10 August 2017 14:17

To: Pat Friskey


As requested below is the email sent to Ed Murphy



———- Forwarded message ———-

From: “Andy Beeby” <>

Date: 10 Aug 2017 14:12

Subject: Pavement Parking

To: “Ed Murphy” <>


Hi Ed

Following our conversation last week regarding the issue raised to me by our Retired Members Secretary, on the pavement Parking campaign.

Could the Labour Group raise the campaign with the City Council, and ask them to support the campaign.

As you know the problems that pavement parking not just the elderly, blind, disabled and mothers with pushchairs and prams, are endless.

You explained that it had been raised by yourself sometime ago, could you please drop me a reply by email so that I can let our retired members know what PCC answer are

Looking forward to hearing from you

Many thanks



In my report to the retired members regional committee I have asked for their support in this camipain. Also to ask Richard Line as the Area Safety Rep to contact Dave Joyce as we have postperson who have to use the pavements.

Pat  Friskey

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