Retired Secretary Report May 2017

Retired Secretary Report May 2017


Report from Regional Retired Members Meeting

Spoke about conference and the motions we need to get behind, NPC still campaigning for higher and faire pensions, reports given from around the regional. Next meeting June 2017.



Campaign still running, bad news for under 45s, your pension age could now go up to 70 before you receive it, Labour are saying they will keep the triple lock for pensions if they win the general election, also to give a state pension to all, set above the official poverty line and £200 pound a week all linked to the triple lock.


Mick shill, Steve Jones and myself are going to the NPC Pensions Parliament (Conference) next Month report to follow.


Meetings for this year

Kings Lynn 11/05/201 Kings Lynn Office 1000


Amanda Steve and I attend the office, we had 4 members in attendance, I spoke about the general election and conference diction to back the Labour party, NPC and how they are still complaining for pensioners and to keep the triple lock. The rest of the time was spent reminiscing about the past and pleased to be out of it now, with all the new things coming through. One member said this was the first meeting he had attended as a retired member and was looking forward to next years.


Huntingdon 18/05/2017 Huntingdon Office 10000


Mick Steve and I attend the office we had three members in attendance, I gave the same report as I gave in Kings Lynn and then went on to remiss about the old times, all three said they would like to meet next year and hoped there would be more members there.


Peterborough meeting to follow on the 25th will report back to the June Meeting.


Have got the quote for the bagies which I have passed on to the finance committee, awaiting their discussion.

Mick Goldsmith contacted me ref SURTUC, it appears they have his name on file as the branch member representing the branch and Mick Shill representing the Region, not sure how this happened, however I have no problem with this, and hope the branch committee will support this.

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