Retired Secretary Report March 2017

Retired Secretary Report March 2017



Report from Regional Retired Members Meeting

No report next meeting 3rd April 2017



Campaign still running


Meetings for this year

Kings Lynn 11/05/201 Kings Lynn Office 1000


Huntingdon 18/05/2017 Huntingdon Office 1000


Peterborough Thursday 25/05/2017 Post Office Club 1300, I have had

confirmation that Bryan Tyler and Pat Foeiger will attend from D.i.A.L.


As the newsletter went out late, last week, I feel it would be a waste of money to send postcards out top remind members of the meetings.


Letter sent to local reps re recurrent, have had two replies asking for forms and information, Amanda has sent retired forms to all reps, suggesting they save it to their sticks  so they have them when needed.

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