Retired Secretary Report July 2017

Retired Secretary Report July 2017

Have received the dates for next year’s conference, 11th to 14th June 2018, It’s very quire at the moment, have received nothing since my last report.

Regional Meeting
Please see below correspondent with regional retired sectary.

Please see the response to questions raised at our recent meeting.
Comments please.
Steve Taylor
Eastern Region Retired Members Committee
07802 866488

From: SDGS []
Sent: 13 July 2017 10:30
To: ‘Steve Taylor’
Subject: RE: Eastern Region Retired Members Committee Meeting 10th July 2017
Dear Steve,
Thank you for your email.
As you are aware motion 29 carried at the 2017 conference has yet to be acted on, this is due to several reasons including Dave Ward’s sick absence, the re-election of the Retired Members Advisory Committee and the General Election.

A meeting of the RMAC will take place and a person from the RMAC will be elected to sit on this working party.
Whilst we have no national policy on WASPI we have no objection to any branch or region supporting this campaign.

Kind regards,

Chris Tapper
Policy Advisor

From: Steve Taylor []
Sent: 11 July 2017 12:39
Cc: Eastern Region
Subject: Eastern Region Retired Members Committee Meeting 10th July 2017


I have been tasked to raise the following issues with you following our above meeting.

Motion 29 General Conference 2017.
To date we have seen no movement on this motion in respect of who are the members of the working group
and that all views will be represented and how they will be obtained. An update is urgently required.

Is it in order for Branches to affiliate/donate to the WASPI campaign.

Steve Taylor
Eastern Region Retired Members Committee
07802 866488

Hi Steve
Please see below message from Tony Kearris
to my Branch Secretary re retired members
conference, I am not sure whats going on when
Rod is saying it’s up to the NEC and Tony is saying
its will be discussed at the next RMAC meeting.
Yet again we are being told one thing and they are
doing another.
I think we need to be asking questions as to
What’s going on with the RMAC, hoe many meeting
do they attend per year, and why no minutes being
published, I would like to thank Rod for his reports
as this is the only thing we have, every other committee
I attend produces minutes or reports to their members
why not this one.

May be a motion from the Retired Members Regional
Committee, and the Eastern Regional Committee and
all the Branches from the Region might help to send
minutes or reports from all conferences, I believe
no minutes are published from any of the conferences
IE Equality, Woman’s, Youth etc.

Hopefully Paul could ask all Regional Secretary to back us.

I have cc Paul and Amanda my Branch Secretary  to this
as we may need their help in the future.

Kind Regards


Hopefully Amanda will have some more information after the regional meeting

1. Pavement parking campaign update
On 12th July campaigners from the charity Guide Dogs went to Downing Street with a petition signed by over 31,000 people to introduce a new law to end problem pavement parking.
Pavement parking is an ongoing problem for many pedestrians including people with sight loss, parents with pushchairs, wheelchair users and other disabled people.
Guide Dogs are still looking for support in this campaign and are asking people to send in any photos of vehicles parked on pavements to add to their map which has been a great tool to show how widespread this issue is. If you are out and about and spot a vehicle parked on the pavement then please take a photo and sent it to

2.  Campaign to end Dementia Tax – The Alzheimer’s Society
Unlike other diseases, people with dementia don’t get free care on the NHS and struggle to pay the costs of their care. The Alzheimer’s Society is campaigning for quality dementia care at a fair price for families across the country so people with dementia are not discriminated against.
They are asking people to sign their petition for the new government to find a long-term solution to end the Dementia Tax once and for all

Pat  Friskey

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