Retired Secretary Report February 2017

Retired Secretary Report February 2017

Apologies from Mick Shill.

Report from Regional Retired Members Meeting from Mike Goldsmith who attend the meeting due to ill heath to myself and Mick Shill
Paul Moffart welcomed delegates to the meeting
2016 AGMs minutes agreed and ratified, Pat Friskey elected as Chairman and Steve Taylor as sectary both elected unopposed.
Mick Shill was also elected as delegate to SERTUC pensioner’s committee
Steve gave reports on the NPC, RMAC, SERTUC, branches attending gave individual reports relating to their local retired members section. Most of them are having the same trouble as us with recruiting. we need to discuss how best this can be addressed in the future, including input from local and national level. The meeting then went through the pad for 2017 retired members conference to be held on the 19th January, the most important being the voting rights of retired members, the meeting believe that any motion passed on this subject at the retired conference should be one of the two motions that go to annual conference in April

Campaign to save Attendance Allowance9AA) Wins, spokesman for the government has dropped plans to devolve AA to local authorities.
Still many campaigns on going,

Retired Members Conference 2017

Mick Goldsmith attend on behalf of Eastern No5 due to ill health of Mick Shill and myself, his report follows below.
The GS Dave Ward spoke about many issues facing the union, both within and outside the union, some of the issues include Brexit, elections in the USA.
Debbie Abrahams Shadow Secretary of State for the DWP was the guest speaker she spoke about the many problems that could arise within those already receiving state and occupational pensions, she was pleased that the CWU are at the forefront in fighting for the member’s pensions.
There were 9 motions in the pad for debate,, 5,7 & 9 were carried with motions 6 & 9 not carried. After the vote the two motions 4 &7 were nominated to go to annual conference.

On the last appointment at the hospital, I was told you have three options, 1 if you have an operation you might not come out of it, 2 if you do come out of it you may have to be on a machine for the rest of your life, 3 leave it as it is. As the options are not good. After discussing it with Caroline we have decided to leave well alone.

Meetings for this year
Kings Lynn Thursday 11/05/2017 Post Office Kings Lynn 1000
Huntingdon Thursday 18/05/2017 Post Office Huntingdon 1000
Peterborough Thursday 25/05/2017 Post Office Club 1300, hopefully a speaker from D.i.A.L.

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