Eastern No 5 Branch


Processing Report


Parcel Processing Strategy

Royal Mail Processing and the CWU have released a joint statement on the parcel processing strategy this is contained in LTB 650/14 which is on display on the Union Board. There is a presentation meeting at the mail centre on Wednesday 29th October on which I will give an update.

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Christmas 2014

A notice has gone up showing the successful applicants for part time to full time over Christmas. The contracts will be for a minimum of four weeks as per the processing Christmas agreement and not for three weeks as advertised.

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VR/Buy Down Preference Exercise

We have been approached as to why collection staff were not included in the processing VR preference exercise. This is because there are national negotiations around the post box strategy which could lead to a separate exercise taking place for the function. Any queries on this should be made to the Area Distribution Rep or the Distribution Late Shift Rep.

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Processing Duty Structure

The Book Room are in the process of changing the dispositions to reflect the duty structure which has been on display.

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Overtime Agreement

The new overtime agreement has been jointly signed off and is on display on the union board. We are jointly working on a statement that will give more clarification on paragraph 22 which when completed will be put on display alongside the agreement.

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2015/16 Processing Annual Leave Agreement

The 2015/16 Processing Annual Leave agreement has been jointly signed and is on display on the union board. The agreement is almost the same as previous years para 6.3 and 7.3 have been added and as before the first two weeks choice is guaranteed.

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EJ Orviss

Area Processing Representative

Date 24th October 2014

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