Report 28th August 2015

Branch Political Officers Report for Branch Committee Meeting 28th August 2015


Labour Leadership Elections

Ballot Papers have now been dispatched to all those who are eligible to vote in the elections, you will have seen in the media over recent weeks the problems that are being raised surrounding the ballot.

The biggest concern is over who is able to vote, over 600,000 people registered to vote but following the checks carried out by the Party this has now down to 554,000.

Following the security checks around 56,000 applications have been rejected, if you have registered and not received your ballot papers by September 1st you need to contact the Party on 0845 092 2299

Labour Party Affiliate Membership

The letter below was sent to every member who we have email address for as a reminder to sign up and it also contained the CWU Recommendation

Dear Colleague

You will recall that I sent you an email last month regarding signing up as an affiliate member of the Labour Party so that you can vote in the forthcoming Leader / Deputy Leader elections, if you haven’t signed up yet it’s not too late you have until Wednesday 12th August to do so, please follow the link below.


The CWU have in the last week declared its support for Jeremy Corbyn for Leader and Angela Eagle


In making this decision the NEC agreed the following rationale:-


  1. A belief that if the party needs a fundamental change of direction away from the new Labour era, then Jeremy Corbyn MP is the most likely candidate to assist this process.  That there is a need to finally loosen the grip of Blair and Mandelson’s market driven politics on the Party. This is the single most important issue in this election.


  1. That Jeremy Corbyn MP has consistently been the most aligned candidate to existing CWU policy, ranging from opposition to Royal Mail privatisation, unfair competition and closing the loophole on agency workers, to wider issues such as the anti trade union laws, equality and opposition to the Government’s austerity programme.


  1. That a Jeremy Corbyn victory is the most likely way to force a proper debate on an alternative to the Government’s austerity programme and the need for Labour to seriously challenge the Government’s anti trade union laws.


  1. That the union rejects the notion that what Labour needs to do is move back to the centre ground of British politics.  That this is a recipe for more of the same and is focused on the need to gain power, rather than the policies we believe in – and what is in the best interest of the people we represent.  The real debate is for Labour to redefine what the centre ground of British politics should stand for with policies that bring about fairer wealth distribution, create decent jobs, terms and conditions for workers, remove inequality and provide substantially more affordable housing for working people.  There was a time when this type of agenda would have been seen pretty much as the centre ground, not an extreme left wing agenda.  This is the challenge for Labour.


The NEC further agreed that Andy Burnham MP would receive the union’s recommendation as second preference in the transferable voting process.


In respect of the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party election, the NEC agreed to nominate and recommend to members that they vote for Angela Eagle MP. The NEC further agreed that Caroline Flint MP receive the union’s recommendation as second preference in the transferable voting process.



Yours Sincerely


Andy Beeby

Branch Political Officer

4th August 2015

Burston Strike School

This event takes place on Sunday 6th September on the village green at Burston in Suffolk, to commemorate the longest strike in British history 1914 – 1939, the Eastern Region will once again be taking part in the event and will be having a stall.

The Branch Secretary has circulated an email from Maxine Fraser, Eastern Region Assistant Secretary advertising the event.

I would recommend this weekend to anyone who has not been as it is a real eye-opener.

CWU Eastern Region Political Committee  

The next meeting of the Political Committee is scheduled for Friday 11th September, a full report will be produced following the meeting.

The Peoples Post Campaign

As circulated by email I will be part of the Eastern Region Campaign Group which will plan the events that will be held within the Region, once the Regional Secretary returns from annual leave this week we will be setting up our first meeting.

Peterborough Trades Union Council  

The last meeting of PTUC was last Thursday, unfortunately I was unable to attend,

PTUC’s Tom Browning Meeting will take place on September 12. This year in a change to the usual format it will take place during the day on a Saturday. We have stalls for you to browse, a tombola and refreshments available

The theme is austerity. Speakers include: Peterborough Food Bank, National Gallery Campaign Against Privatisation ant John McInally, from the PCS National Executive will be coming to speak to us about the Trade Union Bill, dropping in on his way to the TUC Conference.


It should be a good day. Please bring your banners and flags and any related campaign material to distribute.


I shall send an updated poster next week but for now if you could please spread the word among your networks and display the attached poster that would be great. It would be great to see you all at this years event.


We also have a Facebook event page for this, where updates will be placed and also our Twitter feed @PeterboroughTUC will provide the most up to date information.

I have enclosed a copy of the poster advertising the event.

Going to Work

The TUC has sent out a email containing a video explaining the governments Trade Union Bill and what it will mean, this was circulated by the branch secretary to all reps on Monday of this week.

Andy Beeby

Branch Political Officer


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