Report 24th November 2015

Branch Political Officers Report for Branch Meeting 24th November 2015


May I first offer my apologies for my non-attendance at today’s meeting.

East of England Labour Party Conference,

This took place form Friday 13th to Sunday 15th November in Stevenage, I attended the conference as part of the CWU Eastern Region delegation, please see attached report.

Trade Union Bill

As you will be aware the bill was carried in the House of Commons and is now due to be heard in the Lords in the New Year, the only hope of the bill now falling is in the Lords.

The TUC organised a Rally and Lobby of Parliament on Monday 2nd November at Central Hall Westminster, which I attended with Luke Skillings Work Place Safety Representave for Peterborough Delivery.

I contacted My MP Stewart Jackson and asked him to vote against the bill, but unsurprisingly he voted for it.

Working Tax Credits

The Government won the vote in the Commons to cut the Working Tax Credits which would have taken £1300 a year out of the pockets of the low paid, fortunately when it went to the House of Lords it was defeated and returned to the Commons. Once again all of the MP’s in the branch area voted in favour of the bill.

Peterborough Labour Party

Several months ago this committee agreed to make a payment to Peterborough CLP towards funding a new office, I can now report that the CLP has a new home at Northley House, Oxney Road, Industrial Estate.

Local Elections  

CLP’s are now selecting candidates for the local election which will take place in May 2016, also that day the Police and Crime Commissioners elections will take place. So campaigning is already underway

European Referendum

This will take place sometime between April and September 2016, where we will be asked if we want to remain part of the European Union, the Labour Party Nationally is campaigning to stay in. The Labour campaign is being run by former CWU General Secretary Alan Johnson.

I have managed to get hold of some of Richard Howitt MEP, literature on why we should stay in this is in the branch office.

Eastern Region Labour Party Board

All of the Trade Unions within the Eastern Region have seats on the regional board, along with the CLP’s, the board makes sure that the Party is running the way it should. Sue Lewis branch secretary of CCTV and Myself have been selected as the CWU members to sit on the regional board for the coming year

CWU Eastern Region Political Committee

The committee met on Friday 20th November at the London Regional Offices, most of the meeting was given over to the report back from regional conference and the Trade Union Bill.


Andy Beeby

Branch Political Officer


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