Report 24th March 2015

Branch Political Officers Report for Branch Committee Meeting 24th March 2015


Political Fund LtB 809/14

As reported to the February meeting I contacted the General Secretary regarding the questions raised by Carl Harper with regards to the split political levey.

I have received a reply for the GS which I circulated to the branch committee by email on Thursday 5th March; I have also enclosed a copy with this report.

Each CWU member last week should have received a letter from the GS explaining the split fund and a return slip to fill in stating whether they wished to pay into Labour or into a campaigning fund.

Boston & Skegness CLP

I reported at the last meeting that I had spoken to Paul Kenny the Labour Party candidate for the forthcoming General Election, Paul was seeking financial help from the branch to pay for the printing of a constituency wide leaflet at a cost of £1000.

The GMB has paid for the printing of that leaflet and the branch has donated £50 to pay for a 6 foot by 4 foot billboard. Paul continues to send me information as to what he is doing in the CLP.

CLP Contacts  

At long last I have been able to compile an up to date  contact list for the CLP’s within the branch, this has taken sometime as for some reason the Labour Party will not release contact information for CLP Secretaries due to data protection.

General Election 2015

We are now only 44 days away to General Election the CLP’s within the branch have chosen their candidates these being

South Holland & The Deepings     Matthew Mahabadi

Grantham & Stamford                    Barrie Fairbairn

Rutland & Melton                            Dr James Moore

Boston & Skegness                           Paul Kenny

Peterborough                                    Lisa Forbes

North West Cambs                           Nick Thulbourn

North West Northfolk                     Jo Rust

North East Cambs                            Peter Roberts

Huntingdon                                      Dr Nik Johnson

Corby & East Northampton Shire Andy Sawford

Out of the 10 CLP’s the only target seat is Peterborough, where the Conservatives have a 4861 majority.

I have with the help of the branch secretary sent out and email to all members for whom we have an email, stating the reasons to vote Labour in the Election, I will be using this facility again as we get nearer May 7th

Leaders Televised Debates

David Cameron is still running from the televised debates and will only take part in one at which 7 party leaders are taking part in, he will not go face to face with Ed Miliband in a televised one to one.

CWU Eastern Region Political Committee

The Regional Political committee met directly after the CWU Reps briefing in London on 20th February, the Regional Secretary gave a report on the meetings that have been taking place with the PPC’s in the key seats in the region and how we were helping them out.

It was agreed that all branches were to put whatever means possible into seats to help the PPC’s.

CWU East Midlands Political Committee 

I attended a joint meeting of the East and West Midlands political committees in Nottingham on Wednesday 4th March, this unfortunately was a very poor turnout as the West Midlands had Divisional meetings that day.

It was agreed to produce a leaflet on why members should vote.

I explained the situation in Boston & Skegness which politically come under the East Midlands regarding UKIP and that the branch was paying for a billboard, it was agreed that the East Midlands Telecom branch would also pay for 2 billboards.

It was also agreed that there would be a joint East and West Midlands Political School which will be held at Alvescot Lodge.

CWU National Political Event

I attended the above event on behalf of the branch on 16th February, all the Political Officers came together to discuss the way the CWU will be working with Labour in the run up to the General Election and beyond.

We had presentations from Billy Hayes, Katy Clark MP, Byron Taylor TULO National Officer, Douglas Alexander Shadow Foreign Secretary and Andy Kerr DGS T&FS and Labour Party NEC Member.

Douglas Alexander, stated that Billy Hayes was the link between the Unions and the Labour Party, he then went onto unveil Labours policies so far.

Class Election Briefing

LtB 093/15 was issued on 13th February, this contains a PDF copy of the first General election briefing published by the Class think tank entitled “Election 2015 Whats at stake for work, pay and unions” this is a 30 page book that lays out all the Parties policies and how it will affect the electorate.

Register to Vote

Hope not Hate are targeting constituencies where UKIP are active and have a high profile, to encourage people to register to vote and to use their vote in the 2016 council elections when the boundaries change.

Peterborough is Hope not Hates list of constituencies to visit, they are working with Peterborough Racial quality Council, I have been invited as a EC member of PREC and also as a Trade Union Political Officer to meet David Braniff – Herbert to discuss how the Trade Unions can help.

Andy Beeby

Branch Political Officer


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