Report 23rd June 2015

Branch Political Officers Report for Branch Committee Meeting 23rd June 2015


I had hoped that this report would start by saying that we now had a Labour Government, but sadly that did not happen nor did Peterborough get its first Labour MP for decade.

General Election

As we now know we have a Conservative government with a majority of 12 seats, Labour was wiped out in Scotland by the SNP and the Lib Dems have only 8 seats in the House of Commons.

Now that the Conservatives have a majority they will be more vicious that the Thatcher government they will cut deeper than any government has done before as outlined in the Queens speech at the State opening of Parliament.

Branch Local / General Election Results these were emailed to the committee on 22nd May 2015.

Labour Party Associate Membership

Following the Collins report all affiliated Trade Unions must now ask their members who pay the political levy if they wish to become an associate member, this will entitle the member to vote in leadership elections and take part in the CLP.

CWU Headquarters are contacting members by telephone asking if they wish to sign up, they are also going to run a trial where one branch from each region will take part to sign up as many associate members as possible.

The figure set for this by TULO for all the affiliated unions is 200,000 by August 12th 2015, we have been asked to be the Eastern Region branch, the branch secretary has agreed to this so I along with the branch secretary and regional secretary will be jointly working on this project.

Labour Party Leadership Election    

Following the result of the general election Ed Miliband resigned as leader of the party, nominations are now open for candidates to put their names forward, to get onto the ballot paper a candidate must get the support of 35 nominating MP’s.

The new leader will be announced at a special conference on 12thy September.

Queens Speech

Details of the Queens Speech was circulated to the committee via email on 28th May and placed on the branch website and twitter account by the branch editor,

One of the first bills to be put forward was the anti-trade union bill, which will require a union to return 40% of those balloted before a strike is legal, the irony is that the business secretary Sajid Javid was returned to government with only 38.3% of the vote. In fact only half of the new cabinet were returned with over 40% of the vote.

Eastern Regional Political Committee

The regional committee met on Friday 29th May and the meeting discussed the general election result, in the East we now have 4 Labour MP’s compared with 2 before the election.

We also discussed how the party can move forward, firstly we need to elect a new leader to see what direction they are going to take us as a party.

Midland Regional Political Committee

The meeting due to take place on 21st May was cancelled and the rearranged date was circulated 4 days before it was due to take place leaving it impossible for me to get leave to attend.

Labour Party Offices in Peterborough

The lease on the property has now expired, Lisa Forbes wrote to me asking if the CWU would help fund a room/office in the city, I passed this onto the finance committee for deliberation.

Andy Beeby

Branch Political Officer

11th June 2015


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