General Election Report 2015

Branch Political Officers General Election Report 2015

The General Election results were disappointing nationally and locally for Labour, except for Peterborough where Labours CWU sponsored candidate Lisa Forbes, went against the national trend and more than halved Stewart Jackson’s majority, to less than 2000, Making Peterborough one of the key marginal seats for the 2020 General Election.

The biggest losers nationally were the British public; they will be hurt by more savage cuts that will be introduced by this Tory government.

Trade Unions will be the first to feel the Tory Roth, the new Business Secretary Sajid Javid has announced that one of the first bills will be the anti-trade union bill, which will insist that any strike action will only be deemed legal if 40% of the membership vote in favour.

We will see the NHS privatised, more cuts in benefits and more zero hour contracts, and the rich getting richer.

This is coming from a government that has the backing of 24% of the electorate, it is worth noting that Peterborough’s MP Stewart Jackson was elected with 39.7% of the vote, I will be writing to him to point this out and asking him to vote against the bill.

The Labour Party is now looking for a new leader as Ed Miliband resigned as leader following the results, it has been announced that this time it will be one member one vote for Party members.

I have attached a full breakdown of the results in each constituency that falls within the branch boundaries.

Local Elections

In the local elections that also took place again the Conservatives held onto power


  • No change
  • Cons up 2 seats, Lib Dems up 1 seat, Independents down 3 seats, Ukip down 1 seat
  • New Council make up Cons 34 seats, Ind 3 seats Lib Dem 2 seats



  • Cons gain 1 seat, Labour gain 1seat, Lib Dem lose 1 seat, UKIP lose 1 seat
  • New Council make up Cons 36 seats, UKIP 6 seats, Ind 4 seats, Lab 2 seats


  • No Overall Control
  • Lab gain 1 seat, UKIP gain 1 seat, Cons lose 1 seat, Ind lose 1 seat
  • New Council Make up Cons 27 seats, Lab 12 seats, Ind 7 seats, Lib Dem 4 seats, UKIP 4 seats, Lib 3 seats.

The Conservative to lose his seat was Marco Cereste the leader of the City Council.

South Kesteven

  • Cons gain 10 seats, Lab lose 4, Ind lose3, English Dems lose 3, Lib Dem lose 1, UKIP lose 1
  • New Council Cons 44 seats, Ind 5 seats, Vacant seats 2, UKIP 1 seat

South Holland

  • Cons gain 3 seats, UKIP gain 2, Ind lose 5
  • New Council Cons 28 seats, Ind 7 seats, UKIP 2 seats

So as you can see from the results we are in for a hard 5 years under this Tory government who will go further and harder with their austerity cuts than they did in the last coalition government.

Andy Beeby

Branch Political Officer


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