Political Officers Report 23rd May 2017

Branch Political Officers Report for Branch Committee Meeting 23rd May 2017



General Election


The Labour Party Manifesto has been well received by the CWU the Manifesto has fully justified the union’s faith in the party, with key pledges to renationalise Royal Mail, introduce a 30Mbit/s broadband universal service obligation, end the closure and franchising of Crown Post Offices, put significant investment into our national telecommunications infrastructure, set up a Post Bank, close the agency workers’ loophole, and radically improve workers’ rights.


In the Eastern Region, Labour’s initial aims are to hold on in their four Eastern seats Luton South, Luton North, Cambridge and Norwich South.


Out of the four Cambridge is under the biggest threat, from the Liberal Democrats as Labour’s Daniel Zeichner has a majority of just 500. We are also targeting seats in Bedford & Kempston, Peterborough, Stevenage, Thurrock and Waveney.


Since the launch of the Conservative Manifesto Labour has cut the Conservative lead in the polls by 9 points, Conservative 43% Labour 34%.


The Tories have said that they will end the policy of free school lunches, to fund education, they will ditch the Triple Lock on pensions, pensioners will be means tested for the winter fuel allowance.


Hustings and Campaigning


The Labour Party and its army of volunteers are busy delivering leaflets to every household in the area, my thanks go to every CWU Representative and member who has so far given their time to help, I will continue to circulate campaign details as I receive them.


Hustings have been held in Peterborough at St johns Church which I attended and submitted a question but the question was not picked out to be asked, this has now been submitted to the next one on Friday 26th May.


Jeremy Corbyn Visit to Peterborough


On Friday 19th May Jeremy Corbyn visited Peterborough, this was a visit to speak to around 150 Labour Party members who registered online to be in the audience, this visit was arranged at short notice and the venue was not announced until the night before.

Unfortunately, due to attending the funeral of Paul Maloney CWU Birmingham Amal Branch Chair on behalf of the Eastern Region and the Branch, I could not attend Amanda Hill Branch Secretary attended on behalf of the Branch.

CWU Eastern Region Political Committee

The Regional Committee met on Friday 12th May the meeting was given over to the General Election, the Regional Secretary and myself as Regional Political Chair submitted a document on CLP funding to the committee which was agreed.


Peterborough Trades Union Council

PTUC was due to meet on Thursday 18th May, the Executive took the decision to cancel the meeting as it fell on the same evening as the Hustings at St Johns Church, this would allow delegates to attend and listen to the candidates.

Trade Union Tuesday 6th June 2017

TULO is organising a “Trade Union Tuesday” campaign day for Tuesday 6th June.

They want to leaflet major train/bus stations or public places at peak times and have asked all unions to help with this.


The CWU are working with Daniel Zeichner’s office to arrange an event in Cambridge to leaflet the station and then hold a stall in the city and help deliver leaflets.



Andy Beeby

Branch Political Officer




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