Political Report 26th July

Branch Political Officers Report for Branch Committee Meeting 26th July 2016


European Referendum

Following the result of the referendum, which was circulated to the committee by email on Friday 24th June, David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister, this left the Tories in disarray 2 candidates came forward one then pulled out leaving Theresa May the new PM.

Since the result there has been an increase in racial incidents in the branch area, in Peterborough leaflets were left in the Gladstone Street area telling Muslims they weren’t welcome, Huntingdon has seen leaflets posted through the doors of the Polish community again telling them to go home, and in Chatteris a Lithuanian who works as a police interpreter was verbally abused in a post office by a man wearing a England shirt who told her this is our country go home. All of these incidents are being investigated by the police.

Labour Party Leadership Election

Over the last few months you will have seen in the press that many Labour MP’s have become dissatisfied with the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, despite the fact that he was elected with a massive majority.

Angela Eagle and now Owen Smith have launched a challenge to become the next leader, following a vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn by the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Last week we saw Labours NEC meeting to discuss whether or not Jeremy Corbyn would as leader be allowed automatically be on the ballot paper, and not like the other candidates seek nominations to make it onto the paper.

Thankfully the NEC after a secret ballot decided that he would be on the ballot paper, now that this has been decided a set of rules have been laid out regarding the election process (enclosed)

South East Region TUC ( SERTUC)

As previously reported I am now a CWU delegate to SERTUC, I along with 4 other CWU delegates from the South East, London and East attended the last meeting on Saturday 9th July at Congress House.

SERTUC in made up of all the unions that are affiliated to the TUC, we heard from guest speaker Gerry Morrissey General Secretary of Bectu, who told us why his union is merging with Prospect.

We then went onto elections one seat on the executive committee for a Young Trade Unionist was vacant, one candidate had put his name forward and was elected unopposed.

One motion was received this was on pensions (copy attached) this was carried unanimously.

European Referendum, this was again a major topic of debate, when it was opened up to the delegates.

CLP Reports  

Some of the CLP’s in the branch have carried motions to support Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership election, Huntingdon CLP organised a march in support of Polish community which was well supported by the good people of Huntingdon.

Peterborough Trades Union Council

The Next PTUC meeting is on Thursday 21st   I will try and submit a written report before I go on leave.

This Regional Council supports the unblocking of Frozen Pensions which applies to our former Colonial, now Commonwealth colleagues who paid their National Insurance contributions over the years they have lived and worked in the UK. Some served this country by joining the Armed Forces during the Second World War and worked in the post war reconstruction period, in many cases doing menial and non-pensionable jobs.
Between 1948-1981 the Government entered a number of Bilateral and Social Agreements with other countries including the upgrading of State Pensions for those countries. This gives rise to the current situation leaving over 550,000 people who wish to return to their country of birth in the Frozen Pension Group. The International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP) researched that each pensioner that returns to their country of birth saves the country £7,700 per year as they will not be using the NHS, Care Services, other health related benefits and miscellaneous Pension Credits. So for each Frozen Pensioner this can be a potential savings for UK tax payers.
This is a major injustice and morally wrong to pensioners who has paid their National Insurance contributions over the years, now as Frozen Pensioners they do not receive the annual increase in line with inflation which UK pensioners receives and by rights they are entitled too. Some receive a pitiful portion of state pension and live in object poverty. The ICBP continues to maintain their campaign to correct this injustice. We therefore urge the Regional Council to support this campaign.
Moved: TSSA
This motion has the support of the Executive Committee


To East of England CLP Secretaries and Chairs, MPs and MEP, Labour Group Leaders and Secretaries, and members of the Regional Board




As you are aware a contest for the leadership of the Labour Party will take place. For your information, I wanted to highlight the procedures for the contest and further information regarding the reasons for suspension of meetings, which was circulated recently to CLP Secretaries (see below). 


From a CLP point of view, the key part of the process is the CLP supporting nomination. The procedures for organising and running supporting nomination meetings are available to download in the email below. Please note that your CLP does not need to make a supporting nomination, but if they wish to do so, the CLP should follow these procedures. CLP officers should feel free to share with us their plan for their CLP’s nomination meeting so we can support them in ensuring the process is followed correctly and you are comfortable with the procedures.


Any queries at all please get in touch with me or the team by email or on 01279 625860.


Best wishes,




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