Political Report 25th January 2016

Branch Political Officers Report for Branch Committee Meeting 25th January 2016


Police and Crime Commissioners Election 2016 (PCC)

May 5th this year not only see’s the local elections but the PCC elections, these were last held in 2012.

Labour in Cambridgeshire, has this weekend short listed 3 candidates to stand for selection these being Ed Murphy, Ansar Ali both Peterborough CLP and Dave Baigent, Romsey Labour Councilor, Cambridge CLP.

I have now met and spoken to all 3 candidates and have attached a copy of their manifesto to this report.

A Hustings and Ballot meeting for Peterborough CLP will be held on Saturday 6th February at 2 pm and 3.15 pm respectively. All members are welcome to attend the hustings but only members eligible to vote can be present at the ballot meeting – national rules that we can’t change.

Eligible members are those who were members on or before 20th April 2015 and are fully paid up with membership subs. Invitations to the meeting will be sent out asap. The meetings are being held at Paston Farm, Freston, Paston PE4 7XB. Please bring membership card or other id to the ballot meeting.

Norfolk PCC I have spoken to Jo Rust Secretary of NW Norfolk CLP, she has informed me that as of Thursday 21st January, Norfolk had not even long listed candidates.

Once the process to select has started she will keep me updated

Lincolnshire PCC I am trying to find out what the situation is in Lincolnshire I am awaiting a call from East Midlands Labour Party.

Trade Union Bill

The Bill was heard in the House of Lords last week and once again we have to thank the un elected Peers for knocking back a Bill.

It will now go to the House of Lords Select Committee stage, for line by line examination on 8th February, they will be looking at clause 10 – 12 Trade Union Funding. This was carried 327 in favor and 254 against.

A CWU National Briefing on the Bill will take place on Wednesday 27th January at the TUC, where I will be able to update you to the latest news.

Trade Union Bill will result in huge costs for unions, government impact assessment reveals


date: Thursday 21 January 2016

Commenting on today’s (Thursday) publication of the government’s impact assessment on the Trade Union Bill, which reveals that unions will be hit with huge financial costs, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“Ministers seem determined to tie unions up in as much red tape as possible.

“Today’s impact assessment lays bare the huge costs unions will face as a result of the Trade Union Bill. Union members’ subs should be spent on services and support for workers – not wasted on dealing with unnecessary bureaucracy from the government.

“We believe the government has underestimated the true financial impact this Bill could have for unions. However, even by its own estimates unions and their members are set to be hit with a stonking upfront bill of over £11million, followed by £26million more over the next five years.

“UK trade unions are already the most heavily regulated in Western Europe. This Bill is a blatant attempt to make it harder for workers to stand up for decent services and safety at work, or defend their jobs and pay.”


Financial impact of Trade Union Bill on unions

New measures One-off costs Cumulative costs over next 5 years
50% threshold familiarisation £525,000
Changes to balloting rules £543,000 £90,000
Picketing rules changes (familiarisation and legal fees) £525,000
Political fund opt-in change £100,000
Reporting political fund changes £3,000 £15,000
Legal advice on political fund £170,000
Postage cost of notices to members £1,348,388 £1,348,000
Postage costs of members’ returns £1,536,000 £1,536,000
Postage materials £228,000 £228,000
Administrative costs of notices sent to members £565,000 £565,000
Administrative costs of returns £565,000 £565,000
Certification Officer new costs £1,079,000 £5,395,000
Existing Certification Officer costs £850,000 £4,250,000
Fines £275,000
Check-off prohibition familiarisation costs £150,000
Ongoing costs of direct debit £22,000,000
Cost to trade union members of switching to direct debit £3,100,000
Savings from not paying employers for check off -£10,000,000
TOTAL COSTS £11,287,388.00 £26,267,000
Source: Government Trade Union Bill impact assessments

– These figures exclude any additional costs for needed materials for picket lines and any

further implementation costs for the 40% threshold.



The Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader campaign has transformed into a group call Momentum, a network of people and organisations that will continue the energy and enthusiasm of Jeremys campaign.

What does it want to do ?

  1. Organise in every town, city and village to create a mass movement for real progressive change.
  2. Make Labour a more democratic party, with the policies and collective to implement them in government
  3. Bring together individuals and groups in our communities and workplaces to campaign and organise on the issues that matter to us
  4. Organise events, rallies, meet ups and policy consultations to encourage mass mobilisation for a more democratic, equal and decent society.
  5. Campaign to get Jeremy Corbyn elected as PM in 2020.

Momentum North West Cambridgeshire

The first meeting of Momentum NW Cambs was held on Thursday 21st January at the Fleet Centre in Peterborough, which I attended on behalf of the branch along with over 150 Labour Party members / supporters.

The main speaker for the evening was John Mcdonnell MP Deputy Leader of theLabour Party and Shadow Chancellor; he explained what it had been like for the last 8 months the only words he could find were startling.

He then explained what has happened in the 3 ½ months since Jeremy’s election, its been tough the media has been chasing them every day waiting to print anything that will show them in a bad light, they have even gone after their families.

  1. Membership to the party has more than doubled; the aim is to have one million members.
  2. The party is now supporting Trade Unions, i.e. attending picket lines and being proud to do so.
  3. There is a new atmosphere in party working will all groups.
  4. The shadow cabinet is a mixture of MP’s from the left, right and centre
  5. We are on the edge of another financial crisis; the Tories want a new Bill to replace the safe guards put in by Labour when last in power.

The meeting then went on to hear from the PCC candidates.



CWU Eastern Regional Political Trip to Strasbourg – EU Referendum

This will take place sometime between April and September 2016, where we will be asked if we want to remain part of the European Union, the Labour Party Nationally is campaigning to stay in. The Labour campaign is being run by former CWU General Secretary Alan Johnson.

I have managed to get hold of some of Richard Howitt MEP, literature on why we should stay in this is in the branch office.

In November I was privileged to be part of a CWU Eastern Region delegation that, visited the European Parliament in Strasbourg. This was organised by Richard Howitt MEP, please see attached report.

Andy Beeby

Branch Political Officer

25th January 2015


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