Political Officers Report 26th June 2016

Branch Political Officers Report for Branch Meeting 26th June 2016

My apologies for my non-attendance at today’s meeting this is due to being on a week’s annual leave
European Referendum
On Thursday 23rd June nearly 46 ½ million eligible people went to the poles to decide whether the UK should remain in or leave the EU, you will know by now that the public voted to leave the EU 51.9% 17,410,742 to 48.1% 16,141,241 which was a 72.2% turnout.
In the branch the results are as follows
Peterborough Leave 60.9% 53,216 Remain 39.1% 34,176 turnout 72.3%
South Holland Leave 73.6% 36,423 Remain 26.4% 13,074 turnout 75.3%
Huntingdonshire Leave 54.2% 54,198 Remain 45.8% 45,729 turnout 77.8%
Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Leave 66.4% 56,493 Remain 33.6% 28,587 turnout 74.7%
Boston Leave 75.6% 22,924 Remain 24.4% 7,430 turnout 77.2%
With the exit of Britain from the EU the Prime Minister has resigned his position and a new Prime Minister will be in place by the start of the Tory party conference, there has also been a vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn placed before the Parliamentary Labour Party which will be heard on Monday 27th June.
So as you can see the next few weeks / months will be very interesting, only time will tell who is right and who is wrong
Peterborough and Cambridgeshire Combined Authority
Last year the government proposed devolution in East Anglia, they proposed a single authority for Peterborough, Cambridge, Norfolk and Suffolk, following lengthy negotiations it has come down to Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.
Peterborough City Councillors will on Monday 25th June, debate and vote on the deal which will see an elected mayor from May 2017. Once I have the result of this vote I will circulate it on social media and the branch web site.
The combined authority will receive a £20 million annual fund for the next 30 years to support economic growth, and a University for Peterborough.
Peterborough Crown Office
As previously reported to this committee the Crown Office is set to locate to W H Smiths in September 2016, Eastern Number 4 have launched a campaign to keep the office in Cowgate.
I have been in constant contact with the Counters Rep from Eastern 4, Peterborough Trades Union Council and both CLP’s updating them on how the campaign is going.
On Wednesday 15th June the Post Office held a drop in forum at the Museum for members of the public to raise any concerns that they may have about the move, Tim Pavelin from Eastern 4, was leafleting outside the office from midday along with members of PTUC and the CLP’s. They then leafleted outside the forum, PTUC and the CLP’s advertised the event on social media which has led to members of these bodies writing to the Post Office to raise concerns.
Please find attached the latest leaflet
SERTUC Regional Council
As reported in my report to the May meeting I have been selected as one of the 3 CWU Eastern Region delegates to sit on the Regional Council of SERTUC (South East Region TUC)
The next meeting will take place on Saturday 9th July at Congress House, I will be attending this meeting and will report back to the committee at the July meeting.
Eastern Region Labour Party Board
The last regional board meeting was held on Saturday 4th June unfortunately this was the same day as the Peoples Post Campaign event in Birmingham which I had already committed to.
Burston Strike School 2016
The Annual rally to celebrate the longest strike in history: Schoolchildren ‘went on strike’ in 1914 to support their teachers, sacked by the rural squirearchy for organising agricultural workers. Will take place on Sunday 4th September Confirmed speakers/musicians:

▪ Mick Whelan General Secretary ASLEF
▪ Liz Snape TUC President
▪ Steve White and the Protest Family
▪ John McDonnell MP Shadow Chancellor
▪ Attila the Stockbroker
▪ Red Flags
▪ NASUWT Brass Band
▪ Banner Theatre 1st May Band

▪ morning: Megan Dobney SERTUC Regional Secretary
▪ afternoon: Clive Lewis MP
The branch secretary has circulated an email from Paul Moffat regarding the event; I have asked if I can attend on behalf of the branch.
Andy Beeby
Branch Political Officer


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