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Savage ConDem Cuts

This month signals £2.5 billion of cuts by the Condem government, David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg the disciples of Thatcher will finally carryout her dream, off dismantling the welfare state and privatising the NHS.

By dismantling the welfare state, the Condems are scraping a system that dates back over 400 years, to the relief of the poor act of 1597 since this date the act has changed considerably after Labours 1945 general election victory, the family allowance act was introduced. The National Assistance Act of 1948 provided a safety net for the homeless, disabled, unmarried mothers and the elderly living below the poverty line.

Time line to the cuts

April 1st

Will see the introduction of the Bedroom Tax, this will cost households £490m and see 660,000 council and housing association tenants lose an average of £14 a week if they have a spare room.
There will also be £485m in council tax benefit cuts, 2.4m households including 800,000 people in work will be an average of £138 a year worse off.

April 6th

The so called Granny Tax comes into being, this will see 3.6m people lose £68 per year and the 360,000 people turning 65 this year will lose £268 due to the way the tax free allowances are calculated.
Jobseekers allowance, income support, sick pay, maternity pay and tax credits are capped at below inflation of 1% costing 9.7m families £960m.
Child benefit is also frozen for a third year at £20.30 for the 1st child and £13.40 for others.
Local housing allowance which sets the rent levels for private tenants will now be based on the lower measure of inflation of CPI and not RPI, this will save £90m, but anyone earning more than £150,000 will receive a tax cut, including 13,000 who earn £1m who will get a tax cut of £42,000.

April 8th

The Disability living allowance will be replaced by (PIPs) personal independence payments. By the next general election in May 2015, 500,000 people will lose PIPs, and the removing of the mobility element will save the government £155m

April 15th

A housing benefit cut of £26,000 will be introduced, costing households £290m the government even admit that this will leave 56,000 families £4,836 a year worse off as a result.
These cuts are only half of the proposed cuts that this government want to implement before the next election, they expose David Cameron’s election boast that the Conservatives are the caring party; the only thing they care about is their millionaire friends.

Andy Beeby
Branch Chair
Communication Workers Union
Eastern Number Five Branch

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