Legal officer Report May 2017

Legal Services Secretary – Report to Branch CommitteeMay 2017


Since taking on the role of Legal and Medical Secretary in 2005, a running total has been kept of monies recovered following on from accidents incurred either inside or outside of work, that have been processed on behalf of members of the Branch.

As reported last month, we are now in a position whereby the settlement figures for any claims are not being made known to the Branch as a result of ‘Data Protection issues’. This was queried with Tony Rupa, but I have still not received a response to my email.

I continue to process claims on behalf of members, and member’s dependants, and currently have 110 case ongoing. 3 cases closed with settlement payments during the last month, and 2 cases have been rejected as unachievable by unionline.

Post Office Accident Benefit Scheme (PABS):

We have been advised by CWUHQ that the business is making ‘significant’ changes to the PABS. No further details have emerged but it is clear that in future the scheme will not be as generous for our members as it currently is. I will update on the situation as soon as more information is available.

Potential Industrial Action Ballot and implications of Trade Union Bill

The committee will be aware that the new regulations regarding industrial action ballots are now in place following the passing of the Trade Union Bill in parliament. This means that we must secure at least a 50% turnout of those eligible to vote in any industrial action ballot. Although the ballot returns for electing our National Executive are always paltry, the return on the Agenda for Growth agreement was 57%, the consultative ballot on privatisation returned 74%, and our last industrial action ballot in 2013 secured a 63% return. I believe that whilst we can be confident of meeting the new threshold of 50%, we cannot afford to be complacent, and need to be mindful of the changing demographic of the workforce, the current political climate and uncertainty surrounding Brexit.


Dave ​Westbrook​​18/05/2017.

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