Race at Work Survey for WTLL

Race at Work Survey for WTLL
We have been asked by Race for Opportunity to ask all colleagues to take part in a Race at Work survey. They would like to hear from Black and Minority Ethnics as well as white employees as it is important to hear from all ethnicities in order to build a fully composite picture of the lived experiences of work for ethnic minorities.
From this survey they want to understand
• Is racial bias present in the workplace?
• Are leadership opportunities equally available?
• Are workplace cultures fit for purpose?
• What are ethnic minorites’ experiences of recruitment, retention and progression
• Where are the role models

This survey is completely confidential and takes a minimum of 13 minutes to complete. There will be a link of cwue5.org under the equality header. It will also be advertised on the CWU Eastern Region No 5 Facebook and Twitter page. There will also be an FAQ on the equality board. On behalf of the CWU we appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey.

Click on the link to start the survey


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