General Conference Decisions

Challenges – for motion 5 to be moved up the pad this, was agreed.
Challenges – for motion E2 to be admitted to the agenda this, was not agreed
Challenges – for motion 90 to be admitted onto the agenda, this was not carried
Challenges – for motion 92 to be admitted onto the agenda, this was not carried

General Secretary – Dave Ward

We need to lead the charge to get rid of this government. Listen to our members and defend them.

A need to challenge current employment models, part time working, zero contracts etc.

It was right for us to support Jersey Corben, and nothing has happened since to change Dale’s mind.

We need to connect workers nationally.

Thanks from Dave to all reps for the hard work they do.

Decision for General conference motions –

Motion 5 – carried
Motion 1 – carried
Due to time conference then moved on to motion 7.
Motion 7 – carried
Motion 8 – carried
Motion 9 – accepted
Motion 10 – carried
Due to time conference then moved to motion 16. Amanda Hill (Branch Secretary)and Matt Bellamy (Branch Youth Officer) were due to move and second branch motion 13, but this was timed out. Branch motion 14 was accepted.
Motion 16 – carried
Motion 17 – carrierd
Motion 18 – withdrawn after debate
Motion 19 – withdrawn
Motion 20 – accepted
Due to time conference then moved to motion 23.
Motion 23 – withdrawn
Motion 24 – not carried
Due to time we moved to motion E3 (in SOR3), to precede Motion 29.
Motion E3 – this motion was moved by Dave Ward on behalf of the NEC, regarding the EU referendum and the decision of the NEC to campaign to remain within the EU, and also for the NEC to work with other unions in making a joint case to stay in the EU. A campaign that will give the campaign a distinctive Labour movement voice. Lengthy debate in support of the motion came from Midlands Division, Liverpool Clerical, Plymouth & East Cornwall, East Midlands, Lancaster Clerical and West London. Opposition came from West Yorkshire Branch, and Coventry. The debate lasted 45 minutes before a call for the vote was put forward. Dave Ward responded by saying that the attacks on trade union move entry in this country are coming form our government. Attacks on works rights have not been seen in the same way across Europe. Europe is not behind the attacks on workers rights. Motion carried.
Motion 29 – fell to E3
Motion 30 – not carried
Motion 31 to 38 were not heard due to being timed out with in the order of the agenda.

Dave Ward then introduced Jeremy Corben who addressed conference as guest speaker.

Life long trade unionist himself. Labour support for unions is a priority. We have the most restrictive trade unions laws in Europe and the current government are trying to put even more restrictions in place.

Workplace 2020, is is a new campaign to be launched this summer. Look out for this as it gathers pace over the summer.

Austerity and cuts that the government have made are a political choice and not an economic choice.

Investment needed in rail links and housing. Children growing up in damp run down houses, while councils are being told to sell of council run housing. Commitment for investment in housing from Labour. Investment is the key to our infrastructure and to growing the economy.

Jeremy strongly believes that we need to defend the universal service, for communities across the country. Posties are are vital part of everyone’s communities. If we loose it, we’ve lost something that pioneers fought to get! Jeremy gave thanks to all employees in the Royal Mail for the work that they do.

Rail and Royal Mail industry needs to come to to public ownership. Labour will be opposing forced Accadamey’s.

Health care is is a human right for everyone of us. We must stand up and defend the national health service.

Motion 39 – carriedMotion 40 – remitted (motion given back to NEC to deal with, but no policy formed)Motion 41 – not carriedDue to time we then moved to motion 46Motion 46 – not carriedMotion 47 – carriedDue to time we then moved to motion 53Motion 53 – carriedMotion 54 – acceptedMotion 55 – acceptedMotion 56 – carriedMotion 57 – acceptedMotion 58 – acceptedMotion 59 – withdrawnMotion 60 – acceptedMotion 61 – not carriedMotion 62 – not carriedMotion 63 – not carriedMotion 64 – carriedMotion 65 – withdrawnDue to time conference then moved to motion 68Motion 68 – carriedMotion 69 – carriedMotion 70 – acceptedMotion 71 – acceptedMotion 72 – acceptedDue to time we then moved to motion E4Motion E4 – in SOR 4 (sorry attached) carriedMotion 75 – carried

General Conference 2016 then closed.

General conference decisions doc.

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