Contact the Branch & Area Reps

Representing members across the PE postcode area

If you would like to become a member of the CWU please click on the link below.

or contact the branch on 01733 382512

Contact the Branch Editor  Terry Henderson at and also Branch Lead ULR  at

Or Phone 07785 460075

Branch members and Area Reps contact information.

Chair RICHARD LINE 07587 138383
Secretary AMANDA HILL 07785 460066
Deputy Branch Secretary LUKE SMITH 07792 822816
Treasurer AUSTIN GOLDSMITH 07852 977095
Equality Officer DENNIS SMITH 07932 851353
Womens Officer KATE JACKSON   07845 280885
Political Officer ANDY BEEBY 07974 296715
Youth Officer
Legal and Medical Secretary DAVE WESTBROOK 07785 460068
Letter Section Secretary AUSTIN GOLDSMITH 07852 977095
Retired Members Secretary PAT FRISKEY 07956 215285
Retied Members Chair MICK SHILL Contact branch office
Branch Returning Officer  
Area Delivery Re JULIAN CHARLTON  07785 460073
Sub Area Delivery Rep LEE WALSH 07701 020466
Area Distribution STEVE CLARKE 07785 460071
Sub Area Distribution Rep FRANK GINTY 07543 834872
Area Processing ERNIE ORVISS 07887 985430
Sub Area Processing Rep DAVE WESTBROOK 07785 460068
Area H&S Rep RICHARD LINE 07587 138383
SUB Area H&S Rep     MARK BIGGS    07802 832529

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