ELECTION OF: · CWU National Executive Council.CWU Industrial Executives………..


· CWU National Executive Council

· CWU Industrial Executives

·       CWU Assistant Secretary TFS 1

·       CWU Assistant Secretary TFS 2

·       CWU Assistant Secretary TFS 3

·       CWU Assistant Secretary Postal (Technical Services/HR Procedures)

Further to LTB 195/21 dated 12th May 2021, which contained formal notification of the regulations for the above elections.

Branches will be aware that the regulations for the above elections contained a number of changes including revised arrangements for the dispatch and return of nomination forms.  This included notification that for the 2021 series of elections that (where applicable) nomination forms will be sent to branches by email and, once completed, will need to be returned by email to the relevant email address detailed on the form.

Accordingly to assist branches we have listed below the specific arrangements that we will using to despatch the nominations forms (as applicable) to each of the Postal and TFS Constituencies, Retired Members Sector position and CWU Assistant Secretaries.

Further details are provided below to assist branches:

As you will see below we have provided further guidance on the nomination process and detailed the specific email address(s) which will be used for the administration of the dispatch and return of the nomination forms therefore branches (where applicable) may well receive more than one email containing nomination forms.

The revised system will avoid the necessity to return forms in the post system which of course may be subject to delay during the current Covid-19 crisis.

Postal NEC and IE Nomination Forms

In accordance with the CWU rules and the election regulations nomination forms for Postal NEC/Industrial Executive positions must be requested from and returned to postnecelections@cwu.org by the specified deadline.  Branches should also state in the email which specific Postal NEC/IE position they are seeking to nominate in order to receive the correct form.

TFS NEC and IE Nomination Forms 

In accordance with the relevant rules and regulations, the nomination forms for TFS NEC/IE positions will be sent by email to branches to the address that CWU HQ holds on file and must be returned to tfsnecelections@cwu.org by the specified deadline.

Retired Members Sector NEC Representative

Nomination forms for the above positon must be requested from and returned to sdgs@cwu.org by the specified deadline.

CWU Assistant Secretaries

Nomination forms for these positions will be sent direct to the relevant branches by email and must be returned to officerelections@cwu.orgby the specified deadline.

Nomination Forms will need to be returned by the advertised closing date to be included in the list of candidates. 

Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to Senior Deputy General Secretary Department, CWU HQ, for the attention of Peter Metcalfe on 0208 971 7368, or email: pmetcalfe@cwu.org

Yours sincerely,

Tony Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary


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