Further to LTB 457/20 dated 18th September 2020.

Branches will be aware of the Post Office’s proposal for c.41 potential job losses amongst CWU Represented grades across a number of sites/locations in Admin and Supply Chain. Following analysis of the proposals and in consultation with our Reps, we have now agreed 33 job losses and details have been provided to the Reps.

The agreed non-binding preference exercise closed on Friday 2nd October and we met with Post Office management on Tuesday 6th October to jointly review the outcomes. There was a good response to the preference exercise and the appetite for Voluntary Redundancy is a good fit in most locations and in some areas there is an over-subscription of volunteers. The following Joint Statement has been agreed and is being published today:

Restructures for Retail and Supply Chain

Further to our previous Joint Statement of 18th September 2020, Post Office and CWU have met this week to jointly review the preference exercise returns (closing date 2nd October 2020) and agree next steps.

Both parties are pleased with the overall response and thank you to everyone who returned their form. We wish to assure you, as with any changes that impact upon people, our discussions align fully with the Managing the Surplus Framework (MtSF) agreement which covers the policy and approach for dealing with surplus situations, redeployment and redundancy terms including selection criteria.

There has been a good response to the preference exercise and the appetite for Voluntary Redundancy is a good fit in most locations. There will however be people who will be disappointed as we are over-subscribed with applicants in some areas.

We currently have sufficient numbers of volunteers for VR in all areas with the exception of Swindon Stores (Admin) and we view this as a positive, further discussions regarding Swindon will be held to explore options. Consequently, at this stage we are not expecting to undertake any further preferencing for bumping purposes, although this position will be kept under review.

We have agreed that Line Managers will start to have conversations soon with those employees who have been selected by seniority to receive a VR offer. Settlement Agreements will be issued, together with the compensation estimates in line with MtSF. For those employees who wish to accept their VR offer, you will need to seek legal advice in regard to the Settlement Agreement. The Post Office will pay up to £350 for this requirement.

Where this is an over-subscription of VR applicants, Line Managers will also explain where offers won’t be made (as there are more senior applicants). Although subsequently, if somebody more senior declines their VR offer, further VR offers may be made. We understand, for some, this news will be disappointing.

This situation may be unsettling for some and we are therefore fully committed to jointly providing support to all colleagues affected by the changes over the coming weeks. As a Post Office colleague you and your family are eligible for support via the colleague assistance programme provider, who operate a confidential 24/7 service. They can be contacted on 0800 6 888 777. You can continue to ask questions by emailing your Line Manager and by talking with your Union Representative.

Lee Kelly                                                  Andy Furey
Employee Relations and Policy Director       CWU Assistant Secretary
Post Office

A further meeting is being arranged to continue our negotiations. Branches and members can be assured that all stages of these negotiations are being conducted fully in line with the MtSF agreement. If members have any questions relating to this matter, they are encouraged to contact their Representative.

Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey

20LTB493 Post Office – Proposed Job Losses Across Admin and Supply Chain – Agreed Joint Statement

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