I wish to update Branches regarding the Post Office’s early decision in conjunction with CWU and Unite that anyone self-isolating and/or shielding who were in the vulnerable category would be afforded up to 12 weeks full pay whilst off work. This approach was designated as “Special Paid Leave”. We obviously welcomed this policy decision which we believed was responsible and compassionate in the circumstances.

Recently we have been in discussions with the Post Office regarding what should happen to those members who continue to be unable to work following the expiry of the 12 weeks which comes to an end on 14th June.

To put this into context, the scope for these discussions included those:

  • Clinically Extremely Vulnerable
  • Clinically Vulnerable
  • Living with an Extremely Vulnerable person
  • Those stranded outside the UK following a holiday and unable to return backhomeI am pleased to report that the Post Office, CWU and Unite came to an agreement which was endorsed by the Postal Executive today that the Special Paid Leave provision would be extended until 30th June.This is a positive development which I am pleased has been made early as it will give peace of mind to a significant number of members that they will continue to be paid for the whole of June.The Post Office intends to convey this development to impacted employees via the Line Managers when they are making contact with them to see how they are doing in their weekly “duty of care” conversations.

In closing I wish to thank Lynn Simpson, PE member, who has engaged with Post Office management almost on a daily basis on this matter and other Covid-19 related issues.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

LTB 273-20 Post Office – Covid 19 – Vulnerable People Policy

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