Over-75s face winter heat misery as free TV licences end.• Daily Mirror

Over-75s face winter heat misery as free TV licences end.• Daily Mirror.

• 23 Jan 2020

THOUSANDS of over-75s could struggle to pay winter heating bills after the Tories broke an election pledge to protect free TV licences.

Around 3.7 million face paying £154.50 to watch telly from June, with only those on Pension Credit still be eligible for the free lifeline.

And Age UK, which fought alongside the Mirror to save free licences, says it will be a “bridge too far” for many. Charity boss Caroline

Abrahams warned: “As winter bites many pensioners are worried about heating bills and cutting back on essentials, including food.

“The last thing older people in this situation need is to be hit in the pocket because they have to find the money for a TV licence.”

The Conservatives had promised in their 2017 manifesto to continue funding the perk until 2022.

Tories’ turn off.• Fresh fears for over-75s’ finances as they face looming TV licence fee bill.

From June millions of pensioners are going be £154 worse off.

That’s because this Tory government reneged on its promise to maintain free TV licences for the over 75s.

Age UK says the loss of the benefit will leave hundreds of thousands of elderly struggling to pay their heating and water bills.

Boris Johnson has tried to wash his hands of all responsibility by blaming the BBC.

This is unfair on the cash-strapped broadcaster, which was told by ministers to accept responsibility for funding free TV licences or risk losing its charter to operate.

Pensioners left out of pocket will realise that the fault lies with a Tory government.


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