Royal Mail Christmas Pressure ‎ – Hired Vehicles Urgent Safety Alert:

Royal Mail Christmas Pressure ‎ – Hired Vehicles Urgent Safety Alert:

Royal Mail has contacted the ‎CWU/HQ Health, Safety and Environment Department today to make us aware of an urgent ‘Safety Recall’ affecting up to 193 ‘Hired’ Car Derived Vans (CDVs), specifically new Vauxhall Combos, Peugeot Partners and Citroen Berlingos.

The safety recall is linked to vehicles that do not have a ‘Passenger Airbag’. On these vehicles, the passenger side seatbelt tension load has been set too low and as such these vans are not safe to carry passengers.‎ The driver’s side seat belts are not affected and are safe to drive as normal.

The vehicles identified (see attached list) are to be identified by Managers and must be checked before they depart the Office where they are located tomorrow.


Royal Mail has 193 small car derived vans identified as on hire to Royal Mail and the company must undertake the following check prior to the vehicles departing the Offices tomorrow morning.

The RMG Safety Business Partners will also phone the affected Delivery Offices tomorrow morning to ensure the message is understood and has been actioned.

DOMs must check the vehicles highlighted in the attached file to see if the hired vehicles they have on site have a “Passenger Airbag” (See attached Guidance Note).

If the vehicle has a passenger airbag – it is safe to use with or without a passenger.

If there is no passenger airbag the Manager must ensure these vehicles ARE ONLY USED BY A SINGLETON DRIVER without an assisting passenger.

Managers may need to swap vehicles in order to comply with this “Mandatory” Instruction.

Managers must ensure the drivers of the vehicles are clearly informed that they are NOT TO CARRY A PASSENGER in these vehicles at any time.

If affected vehicles require a passenger to be carried and there is no option to swap vehicles, this must be specified and replacement vehicles will be found and provided as a matter of urgency.


Managers must  confirm the check has been completed (and if a replacement is needed) by emailing the respective contacts for their region, stating the registration of the vehicle they have checked.

North   –

Central –

South – christopher.d.allen@royalmail

Managers must contact their local FOM or SFOM if they have any questions or concerns regarding this Safety alert.

Would all ASRs and WSRs carry out checks to ensure full compliance with this Safety Alert in their areas and Offices. Thanks for your support in undertaking this urgent safety action.


  • Passenger Air Bag identification Guidance
  • List of Hired Vehicles to be checked

Yours sincerely


Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB690 Royal Mail Christmas Pressure ‎ – Hired Vehicles Urgent Safety Alert

Hire Vehicles Safety Alert

Passenger Airbag Driver Check

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