Celebrating the Windrush Generation

Celebrating the Windrush Generation

Following on from our ongoing commitment to support and promote events that raise awareness and celebrate the Windrush generation, we are delighted to provide information concerning an exciting event organised by the TUC.

The LESE (London East and South East) TUC Race Relations Committee is celebrating Windrush Day by hosting an event on Wednesday 26th June, commencing at 6pm – 8.30pm.

The CWU’s Mark Bastiani has been pivotal in helping to organise this celebration, which will remember the suffering that the Windrush scandal has caused. The theme will focus on seeking to change attitudes and how children of the Windrush generation are perceived.

There will be a number of guest speakers attending, along with dignitaries from the Caribbean.

If you wish to attend this event please email lese@tuc.org.uk or you can phone 0207 467 1220.

 Any queries on this LTB should be directed to Fevzi Hussein, Policy Assistant fhussein@cwu.org in the first instance.

Yours sincerely,


Trish Lavelle

Head of Equality, Training and Development

19LTB326 – Celebrating the Windrush Generation

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