CWU Womens’ Conference Motion – Female Facilities in BT

CWU Womens’ Conference Motion – Female Facilities in BT

In October 2018 LTB 608/2018 was issued that reported to Branches of the BTP&FS programme to improve female facilities in the 172 sites where there are currently female engineers.

I have now received an update of that programme which is being driven locally by FSMs. I attach for information the list of the 172 sites where the toilet refresh is taking place.

Whilst the refresh programme started later than anticipated and funds have been secured to finish all sites with work ongoing into the next financial year.

I have recently received a number of queries regarding closure of toilets and after making further representation on this, management continue to state that are no closure of toilets, however in some cases there will be some consolidation to a unisex block of toilets but each case will be different.  Where there is consolidation, the walls in each cubicle will be floor to ceiling and have robust locks.

If you have questions in relation to the LTB please address these to Sally Bridge, National Officer

Yours sincerely,


Sally Bridge

National Officer                        

LTB 058.2018

LTB 058.2019 Attachment 1


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